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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 37 Golden Leopard jumping stream


This leg technique is designed to attack the enemy’s empty knees and legs. The two sides confronted each other and looked at the enemy’s space from a far combat distance. Assault melee, shaped like a fierce and poisonous wild leopard, is named after jumping over a stream. This is one of the commonly used assault melee leg attacks in actual combat.


The enemy attacked my hanging wall with a fist, and I dodged on the side and then avoided the potential. (Figure 105)


I kept moving. After I dodged the enemy’s attack, I immediately hit the enemy back with heavy fists to lure the enemy into defense. (Figure 106)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight-illustration-

When the enemy comes up against my fist, I will fly into it and hit the enemy’s heart with my knee. (Figure 107)


In the tight bearing type, hit the enemy’s neck with your elbow while your body falls. (Figure 108)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight-illustration-1

The enemy was knocked to the side. (Figure 109)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) In order to avoid the enemy’s potential, the body method of back flashing should be large and appropriate, that is, the back flashing should be just right.


(2) When attacking the enemy, the fist should be fierce and continuous, forcing the enemy to meet and defend.


(3) Fly and leap forward, the action should be rapid and coordinated. Elbows should be natural and fierce.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Flying knee attacks the enemy, the most important thing is speed


Knee attack is the method of close combat. It is one of the most intense strength methods to seize Qi and break power in actual combat. It has great lethality.


However, because the combat distance of knee skill is relatively short, you can’t take the enemy unless you are close to your body. When you are enterprising, it is quite dangerous and requires higher skills and rich practical experience. Some are unwilling to use it. Because of the high difficulty of this pair of action, we have made a special study of the natural method.


The key of knee attack is how to approach the enemy safely, which is the first way to implement knee attack. If you can’t approach, then you must be unable to carry out knee attack. Therefore, in melee knee attack, in addition to identifying flaws and grasping opportunities, the first thing is to seek impending attack with rapid and fierce attack.


(2) Lure the enemy into defense and aim at neutral


The enemy’s upper defense and middle defense will expose the space. When we hit the upper defense with our heavy fist, we should have a certain measure. It should not be too heavy to cause changes to the enemy. Once the enemy attempts to defend, he can rush into the knee attack In this way, when the knee hits the enemy in neutral, just when the enemy is completely exposed in neutral, it is a joint shot.


(3) Close attack, avoid the enemy’s empty net


In order to obtain complete potential energy for close combat, we should either overwhelm the enemy’s attack or our attack, or avoid the gap between several fists. In short, to be empty and clean is important, so as to ensure the safety and security in the near future.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 38 Luohan hit the mountain


This leg technique is designed to connect the two points of “shoulder” and “Jiquan” of the enemy’s b

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight-illustration-3

The situation of both sides is so far, and the opponent with weak skills is bound to fall. (Figure 112)


However, although the enemy with strong skills does not fall, it reveals that there are obvious gaps in the hanging wall, middle wall and footwall, which need to be attacked by me with changes. (Figure 113)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty seven thirty eight-illustration-4

[action essentials]


(1) This leg method consists of dodging and jumping knee collision as a set of continuous movements, which are completed with flexible footwork. If you only dodge with body method, you will avoid the air and be unclean.


(2) When avoiding the enemy, the two feet are elastic and the body shape shrinks down. From a low posture, they suddenly jump into a high posture, and then soar into the air. The oblique line is straight up, staring at the target, and close to the enemy.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Knee to shoulder, intended to sidekick


This knee strike is intended to take the enemy’s shoulder space on the side, not right. This is often encountered in actual combat. When the two sides hit each other, the side collision potential is formed due to the evasion of one aspect. At this time, if you can jump up and attack the knee without losing the opportunity, the attack power will be doubled and remarkable results will be obtained.


(2) Hit the shoulder to change


Hitting the shoulder with the knee has the following advantages: first, all of your empty positions have been naturally made up. Second, if the enemy does not show neutral, it will be exposed due to my attack on the shoulder. Third, it is easy for us to carry out secondary attacks.