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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 31 Flying Tiger eats heart


This leg method is a middle kick and empty leg hit method that specially takes the enemy’s good middle acupoints. This action is brave and fierce, so it is called Flying Tiger. It is the basic method of kicking in the air in actual combat.


Both sides maintain a long combat distance and wait for opportunities to forge ahead. (Figure 81)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two-illustration-

In the middle distance, I take the initiative to attack the face-to-face fist, the enemy blocks the grid with his hand, and I hit up with my left (right) knee. (Figure 82)


In the tight bearing type, immediately step on the ground with the right (left) foot, take off, take off, and attack from the gap in the enemy’s middle plate. (Figure 83)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two-illustration-1

The enemy was hit by the flying tiger and fell behind him. (Figure 84-1,2)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) Impact speed should be fast.


(2) Strike the enemy with the palm in front of your feet.


(3) Fist, foot, air and attack should be coordinated.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Boxing cover, full of energy


The first boxing move to the enemy is to cover the flying leg behind. Therefore, the fierce sprint in the first place must be threatened to make the enemy feel that the fist must be prevented and really defend or transfer. At this time, I was close and got the necessary distance to use the flying tiger eating heart. In this way, the leg can succeed.


(2) When the enemy is forced to fight, he will strike immediately


A fierce fist attack should give the enemy enough time to respond. When he sees that the enemy has made a reaction attempt, he will immediately take his legs up and attack people one after another. Otherwise, when the enemy has completed the reaction, there will be sufficient time to implement the second reaction – blocking leg attack.


(3) Flying leg strike, speed first


To launch the flying leg attack, we must put the speed of leg attack in the first place. Therefore, we must have good jumping training and solid basic skills of single leg method.


(4) Slow enemies are especially suitable to attack


An enemy with slow reaction can use this leg technique, which is easy to attack. However, for the responsive enemy, you should pay attention and be careful when using this kind of flying leg technique. When the enemy wants to take off, we should take back our legs. If we want to take off, we should immediately attack the enemy with other means.


If the enemy sees me empty and seals the middle plate, if I continue to carry out my original intention, I will be attacked and defeated by the enemy. But since the enemy guards the middle plate. There is a gap in the hanging wall. This kind of negligence in actual combat is inevitable for the best boxers. When I take off, I should immediately break into the gap in the hanging wall.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 32 Flying dragon sweep


This leg method is specially used to hit the enemy’s shoulder and foot under the rib and then rotate and fly. It is named for its powerful potential energy of flying and rotation. The leg is powerful in actual combat. It is often used in real combat.


Turn sideways to meet the enemy, with the left (right) foot in front and the right (left) foot in the back. The two sides maintained a medium combat distance. (Figure 85)


Quickly attack the enemy with a left (right) face-to-face fist. The enemy immediately responds and wants to defend. (Figure 86)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two-illustration-3

In the tight bearing up pose, push your feet on the ground and take your body into the air. Then turn your body right (left), support the center of gravity with your left (right) leg, and slightly bend your right (left) leg to improve rapidly. Keep turning right (left). (Figure 87)


In the tight bearing type, the right (left) leg immediately sweeps and hits the enemy’s shoulder, foot or neck. The enemy will fall in response to the attack. (Figure 88)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg thirty one thirty two-illustration-4

[action essentials]


(1) Fist attack and waist twist should be carried out at the same time.


(2) Make full use of the rotating force of twisting and turning to increase the weight of leg strike.


(3) The combined force of projectile attack and sweeping constitutes the explosive power of attack.


(4) Hit the enemy with your heel.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Flying dragon spins and kicks, intended to Sideswipe


This leg hitting method is mainly used to hit the enemy from the side and cause the enemy to fall to the side. Therefore, turning around and twisting the waist is the key. Fully use the rotating potential energy to sidestrike the rib, shoulder and foot, which can quickly move the enemy’s center of gravity to the outside of the body and fall sideways.


(2) Fist cover is intended to be simple


Actual combat experience tells us that the more complex the composition of comprehensive actions is, the less the chance of success is; The more concise and rapid the action, the greater the assurance of success. The fist attack before the spin kick is actually a cover fake in this action.


The fake action is a method to strive for effective leg stroke spacing. Therefore, the fake action should be light and only need to cause the opponent’s reaction.


However, the fake action must be both fake and true. If the opponent does not respond, this punch is true. A genuine attack punch will work. Because the fist technique i