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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg Thirteen Fourteen

Evil snake pierces the heart


This Shaolin leg technique is a unique skill of turning and hitting the enemy’s middle plate by taking the enemy’s Tanzhong point. When attacking with this action, it looks like a snake swimming in, turning and kicking, and hitting continuously. It is very ferocious and is named.


In actual combat, we often encounter enemies stronger than us, but do not rush to attack.


Instead, they defend up and down and advance step by step. When the situation is urgent and there seems to be no clever move to break, they use this leg method to attack and break through the strong enemy.


When the enemy is pressing forward step by step, I will directly hit the upper part of it with my fist and lure it to defend the counterattack. (Figure 33)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg Thirteen Fourteen-illustration-

If the enemy is really lured to attack, I quickly withdraw from a big step, then turn left (right) and take a big step with the right (left) leg to avoid the enemy’s potential. If the enemy continues to advance, I will use the left (right) turn to hit the left leg and attack the enemy’s divine Jue point. (Figure 34)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg Thirteen Fourteen-illustration-1

Immediately counterattack potential. (Figure 35)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg Thirteen Fourteen-illustration-2

[Action essentials]

(1) The rotation should be fast and coordinated.

(2) The leg must be firm and timely.

(3) Hit the enemy with the back of the foot.

(4) Attacking the enemy, turning, retreating, and attacking the enemy, the four parts must be connected.

[Practical points]

(1) The offense and defense are well-founded, and the heart is deeply

You can make a feint to lure the enemy to counterattack, and when the attack comes, you can make a quick retreat and turn your body and raise your legs. If the enemy retreats without being distracted, he can also turn his body and attack with his legs.

(2) Rotate to gain the potential, the potential is connected

Using the potential energy of rotation to drive the leg strike, this force will be very large. Therefore, the actions before the leg strike must be well connected in order to maximize the attack effectiveness.

(3) Selling flaws, realistic actions

The key to lure the enemy to attack is to reveal the enemy’s flaws, and to see if the enemy is coming to attack. On the contrary, if the enemy sees through, naturally he will not be fooled.

angry lion stomping

This Shaolin Leg Technique is an extremely violent step-down leg strike that specializes in the knee joint. It is known as the “Angry Lion” for its swiftness of action and fierce momentum. When the enemy and I are facing each other, the enemy does not attack rashly, and when I do not know the depth of the enemy, I can use the “angry lion stomping” leg strike method to attack the enemy to test the enemy’s response.

When the enemy tries my hand, I can avoid the enemy’s potential with sudden movements, and counterattack with violent movements, which is one of the basic leg strikes commonly used in actual combat.

The enemy hits directly with a punch, try my hand, and I move quickly to the left (right) side, in a combat state where the enemy advances and I advance as well. (Figure 36)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg Thirteen Fourteen-illustration-3

In the tight bearing posture, I immediately stamped the enemy’s right (left) side rear joint with the outer edge of my right (left) foot, causing the enemy’s knee joint to be damaged and fall. (Figure 37)


(action Essentials)


(1) Hit the enemy with the outer edge of your foot.


(2) Lateral forward movement requires no hesitation, quickness and decisiveness.


(3) Stomping should be accurate and explosive.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) When the enemy enters, we can’t miss the opportunity


In actual combat, the battle state of the enemy advancing and the enemy advancing often appears, which can be actively used. However, when the enemy launches an attack, people with insufficient actual combat experience often retreat instead of using the “battle space” around the enemy to make a mobile counterattack.

In a sense, the victory or defeat of actual combat lies in whether we can make full use of the “battle space” for mobile transfer. For example, in actual combat, you can make full use of the combat space in each round No matter attack or defense, it will appear mobile and flexible, and the victory or defeat will be seen immediately.


(2) Consciousness penetrates the enemy and protects the hanging wall


When shifting the enemy’s advance to our advance, we should be highly focused. We should pay close attention to every small action of the enemy, understand every attempt of the enemy, and not be confused by the enemy’s fake action. When moving forward to the side, we should have sufficient protection for our hanging wall.

This protection includes two aspects: 1 Power protection of “blocking” action. 2. Sufficient distance estimation. The protection of these two aspects should be prepared in the same action and used at the right time.


(3) The body method is like a snake and the leg is like iron


When stamping the feet of an angry lion, the momentum is as fierce as the roar of a lion, and the body method is as flexible and tricky as a snake. At the moment of leg strike, it is required to flatten the body and lengthen the feet, so as to obtain the longest combat strike distance. It also requires the coordination of step, body and leg techniques to break the enemy in one fell swoop.