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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seventeen eighteen

General Pianma


This Shaolin leg technique is a middle distance high flash leg technique specially designed to take the key points of the enemy’s ear door. Its movement is like that of a general on a horse, so it is named.


This leg strike method is an essential leg strike action for the actual combat attack combination, and there can be other changes such as knee impact during the leg strike, which is extremely rapid. Often only this leg can knock down the enemy.


I fiercely attack the enemy with my fist, and the enemy stuns or blocks with his upper arm, or hits me with straight fists. (Figure 43)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seventeen eighteen-illustration-

In the tight bearing pose, I immediately started the “general piece horse” pose and kicked the enemy’s ear door with my left (right) leg. (Figure 44)


When the enemy was knocked down, I continued to attack with my right fist. (Figure 45)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seventeen eighteen-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) Attack the enemy with fists, and then the general’s horses. They should be united, and their leg blows should be light and heavy.


(2) Hit the enemy with your feet.


(3) Keep your waist and legs as long as possible to attack the enemy.


(4) The potential energy of kicking is the potential of bouncing and swinging, swinging and kicking from bottom to top and from outside to inside.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Strike from the outside, with firm legs


In actual combat, under our attack, the enemy often has many changes, either advance or retreat, or transfer. No matter what changes they make, as long as the enemy’s ears are exposed in neutral, rather than luring me, I can attack with my legs. I should be firm and without hesitation, so that I can have strength and opportunity (sudden).


(2) Fluttering and sinking strength, side impact, projectile swing


Erratic is the lightness of the leg, and heavy strength refers to the explosive strength of the attack. Only when it is light, can this leg be sure to hit. In actual combat, once hit, it can often cause the enemy to faint. Therefore, it puts forward higher requirements for explosive strength. The side attack refers to the direction of the leg attack, and the spring swing is the specific posture of the leg attack.

The side spring swing kick requires high requirements in actual combat. It should be coordinated with rapid waist twisting and side body rotation, and hit the leg from the rotation potential energy of the waist. At this time, the upper body leans back and the legs strike forward, which not only increases the combat distance, but also avoids the most likely counterattack of the middle and upper wall of the enemy.


(3) Lure me to hit my ears and respond immediately


If the enemy sets up a trap to lure us to hit our ears with high legs, there are two kinds of hitting methods:


1、 Defeat the enemy with speed and still attack with this leg attack method. It’s a matter of plan, but you must complete the leg attack with extremely rapid action. The enemy will still fall to the ground or even faint when attacked;


2、 When I start my legs, the enemy knows my intention and quickly responds and exits. I close my waist with my legs, protect the center plate with my knees, and get up to attack with another potential change.


Rhinoceros angle of attack


This Shaolin leg technique is a knee rose hitting method that is specially used to take the enemy’s abdomen and stomach. “Knee attack” is an important tactical means in the close combat technique of the natural gate of the King Kong Zen. It is also one of the extremely fierce and effective leg attacks. This action is named for its shape like a rhinoceros attacking on a horn.


When the enemy attacked me fiercely, I made a slight setback (retreat) to avoid the enemy’s potential. (Figure 46)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seventeen eighteen-illustration-2

In the tight bearing posture, immediately get up to the front top, wait for the enemy’s neutral block in the middle, attack the enemy’s stomach and abdomen with the right (left) knee, and destroy the enemy with the elbow. (Figure 47)


[action essentials]


(1) This leg hitting method takes the enemy’s chest, stomach, upper abdomen, middle abdomen and lower abdomen with the tip of the knee.


(2) The attack should be fast and fierce.


(3) Wait for neutral and cover the enemy consciously.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Take advantage of the short and have excellent skills


Taking advantage of short to take advantage of long is “melee”. As the name suggests, it is a battle close to each other’s hands and in the fighting state where the limbs of both sides are very adjacent. Therefore, in order to obtain the combat state of close combat and win in close combat, we must first have the technology of close combat.


Otherwise, if you are simply brave and fight hard, you don’t fully master the technology, but in the end, you will become the opponent’s moving fist target and lead to failure. “Knee attack” is the most commonly used and effective technique in close combat.


(2) Flexible and agile, attacking and defending on all sides


To master the knee attack, we must first practice the flexibility and agility of the knee and have enough mobility in actual combat.


Although the effective attack distance of knee attack is short, driven by the body method, it has the advantage of attack and defense in eight aspects. There are eight changes in front and back, up and down, left and right, oblique corners, such as pressure, top, collision, channeling, turning, parting, withdrawal and release.


(3) Sharpen the tip of the knee and save the rest of the knee


If you don’t have enough hardness, you must attack your knees first. The knee is not hard, which is the performance of no Kung Fu. The knee attack should be as sharp as the fist and foot.


(4) Brave assault, bold and decisive


With the technology of knee attack, the sharp and flexible strategy of attack and defense, and the hard knee tip, at the same time, we must also have the near tactical consciousness of brave assault, dare to meet, force and attack each other, and launch knee attack and elbow attack. When launching close combat:


① Dare to “see the air” and approach the enemy.


② Dare to press tightly with knees and elbows.


③ Dare to use actions decisively.


④ Dare to make continuous moves.


⑤ Dare to move.