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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seven eight

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 7 Head on short legs


This Shaolin leg method is the footwall blocking leg attack method, which is designed to attack the enemy’s lower leg and tibia. Because the attack height of this leg method is low, it is convenient to attack frequently and recover quickly. Intuitively, no other leg method is high and long, so it is named. The height of the leg is low, which is relatively less dangerous when attacking, and its function is not small, so it is more willing to be used by novices.


In actual combat, I can test the enemy’s adaptability by striking short legs against an opponent with unknown conditions. I can also use this leg technique to effectively block and frustrate the enemy’s power when encountering too strong enemy potential. This is one of the basic leg hitting methods in actual combat.


The enemy and we are facing each other, and both sides are waiting for an opportunity to attack. (Figure 18)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seven eight-illustration-

When the enemy’s legs are raised to the front, the enemy’s legs are raised to the front. (Figure 19)


[action essentials]


(1) The palm of the foot used by this leg to hit the enemy is divided into two parts. The forefoot and hind foot can be used respectively, which can be used differently in different actual combat situations.


(2) When you attack with short legs, you should stick to the ground.


(3) The strength requires broken bullets, and the leg strike should be accurate without hesitation.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Short legs are not short. They work for long legs


The short leg is called short. In fact, it is not short when kicking out. At the moment of attacking and hitting the target, the upper body flashes down as much as possible, and the foot is as long as possible and close to the ground, so as to block the enemy at the farthest distance as possible. In view of this feature, this is just the opposite of the principle of other leg hitting methods to release the enemy as much as possible.


(2) Accurate and ruthless lies in the frustration of the bone


Due to the low leg line during the attack, the short leg can attack covertly. It is easy to succeed in actual combat, but it is required to be accurate. It is impossible to be cruel without accuracy. The sign of short leg “ruthlessness” lies in “bone frustration”. When the tibial surface on the first line of “Sanyinjiao” point is frustrated, the light ones have skin and blood, muscles and bones are sore, the heavy ones have bone fractures and bones, and fall to the ground in an instant.


(3) Body and legs, attack and defense coordination


There are two functions of leaning back of the upper body: lengthening the lower leg to make the leg strike have the furthest combat distance; The upper body can avoid the attack of air enemies. Therefore, it is required that the leg strike and backward tilt should be coordinated and consistent.


(4) One after another, the situation must first


If the short leg is successful in the first attack, it can be used frequently to force the enemy back into the factory one after another.


(5) Comprehensive use, seamless.


The short leg can be used in conjunction with other leg techniques and hitting movements. Because of its sharp legs, it can attack the enemy with any other moves. There is nothing wrong with it, especially seamless. But the most important thing is that the enemy suddenly changed his moves and fought back with high legs.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 8 A poisonous snake strung its legs


This Shaolin leg technique takes “shenjue” (navel) to attack the middle of the middle plate. It is an aggressive leg stroke in actual combat. It is named because when it attacks, it rises its legs and goes straight to the middle plate under the cover of other techniques or completely without the cover of techniques. This leg technique is extremely flexible, like a snake, so it is often used to test the enemy’s hand. Or act on the enemy with slow attack response, which is the basic leg attack method in actual combat.


Stand off between the enemy and ourselves and estimate the balance of power; Or after a light test, the enemy is weaker than me; Or if the enemy’s strength is unknown, but he doesn’t attack, he can immediately move and attack with a face fist. (Figure 20)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seven eight-illustration-1

This is a tight bearing posture. At this time, the enemy will be like stung, retreating, turning and attacking. No matter what changes, immediately start the poisonous snake crossing the belly leg technique and attack people with an inclined door. (Figure 21)


After the enemy was attacked, I rushed in one after another with other offensive moves. (Figure 22)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg seven eight-illustration-2

[action essentials]


(1) Strike the enemy with the palm in front of your feet.


(2) When moving, the body shape is round and upright without losing the center of gravity.


(3) After attacking the enemy, whether hit or not, withdraw immediately and continue other moves.


(4) The sudden nature of action attack is strong.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Step forward and increase the “firing” range


When hitting with legs, there can be two situations. One is to attack with legs in place and start with the potential without moving forward. The second is to add a cushion step to increase the range. When the enemy retreats and transfers, our response needs this in-depth attack very much.


(2) If the attack is fierce, the fist technique will be heavy


The fist movement after attacking the leg technique must have strong explosive power to completely defeat the enemy’s counterattack intention.