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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg one two

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 1 Poisonous snakes spit out messages


This Shaolin leg technique is specially designed to take the middle plate and attack the enemy’s lower Yin, so it is also known as “Yin door leg technique”. It is named “poisonous snake spits out the message” because it has a long waist and legs when moving, like a snake stretching its tongue.


This leg hitting method: the action is simple and fierce. “Ten thousand legs head at the Yin gate”, which means that other leg techniques are developed on the basis of “poisonous snake spits out messages”. Another meaning is that the other leg hitting methods are no more vicious than this leg method.


Therefore, there is a saying that “the legs of the underworld are not available”, which means that they are dangerous and can not be used lightly to hurt people. However, it is still an effective means to defeat the enemy.


If the enemy attacks me head-on with a fist, I will stumble back slightly. (Figure 1)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg one two-illustration-

The enemy’s attack and attack have been completely emptied by me. Then I use the leg attack method of “poisonous snake spits out the message” to counterattack. (Figure 2)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg one two-illustration-1

When the enemy is attacked, he will fall back. (Figure 3)


[action essentials]


(1) The poisonous snake’s vomit requires “avoiding the air” and “attacking” to be carried out almost at the same time, but “avoiding the air” comes first.


(2) The requirement of “avoiding the air” is just right, while the leg stroke requires to be lengthened to break the stroke with explosive force. Therefore, the striking leg should swing the leg forward to achieve the purpose of lengthening the leg stroke distance.


(3) Strike the enemy with the palm in front of your feet.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Avoid the air and let go of the potential


This is the fighting principle of “pure silence and nature” created and guided by the nature gate skill of Vajrayana Zen. “If you don’t parry, it’s just one time. If you parry, you’ll get eight times out of ten.” That is to say, when the two sides fight, one side uses his hand to block the frame with clumsy force On the contrary, it will be attacked more violently by the changes of the other party.


The right way to avoid the air lies in the situation of not touching and not leaving, and the actual move is connected falsely. This highly sensitive actual combat response needs some practice.


(2) Wait for work with ease and focus on the “gap”


When the enemy launches an attack on you, there will be a “loss of defense area” where the key points such as abdomen and lower Yin are exposed due to “negligence of attack”. This key point of loss of protection is traditionally called “gap”.


When the enemy launches an attack, we should calmly, naturally, timely and accurately find the gap, grasp the fleeting opportunity and attack quickly.


(3) Believe in action and attack boldly


In the face of the fierce offensive of the enemy, we should have the courage to fight, the confidence to win, and use the action boldly. Never escape passively. The enemy will be more confident because of your timidity, so as to launch a more violent offensive.


To understand a principle, the enemy’s gap will be exposed to your “effective firepower” only when he attacks you. The best time for you to attack the enemy and win is also to counterattack his “gap” immediately when he launches a fierce attack on you. At this time, both sides are moving forward, facing each other, and the effect is doubled after being hit to the point.


North leg of Shaolin desperate leg 2 Yellow Python wagging its tail


This is the method of attacking Shaolin’s leg in the stomach. When using this leg method to attack, the attacking leg is lifted from the side of the body, and then from the outside to the inside to attack forward. Therefore, it is known as “wagging the tail”. “Confrontation between the enemy and ourselves, with intention first”; “Depending on the Middle Road, we are dedicated to breaking and spitting out messages.


‚ÄĚThis leg technique is specially used to break the “poisonous snake spits out the message” in actual combat, and can be used as an active attack, so it is often used. The “leg” of the leg strike method is regarded as the “snake” of the five forms by this school, and the “yellow Python wagging its tail” is also the basic leg strike method in actual combat.


The enemy hit me head-on with a fist and attacked me with the leg technique of “poisonous snake spits out a message”. My body is slightly inclined, slightly backward and left (right) faltering. (Figure 4)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg one two-illustration-2

In the tight bearing posture, immediately raise the arm to lead the enemy to attack the fist, quickly swing the hind legs at an angle of 90 degrees, and eject the enemy’s stomach from the side forward to the inside. (Figure 5)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg one two-illustration-3

After the enemy was hit by my leg, I went back in and knocked down with the help of horizontal fist. (Figure 6)


[action essentials]


(1) Before the leg strike, we should see the exact position of the enemy’s stomach yard and estimate the route of the enemy attacking our leg. When our leg strikes, we can’t collide with the enemy’s leg. If we collide, it will prove that this leg strike method is wrong. After the collision, if the legs of both sides move forward, the offensive force will be broken, and both are bound to lose.


(2) As shown in Figure 4, when the enemy attacks us, his body shape is slightly deviated, which is to lead and turn the enemy’s attack. Because the enemy takes the initiative to attack, the forward speed becomes faster. I can start my legs with my body straight, and there is no need to probe my legs. The key is “fast”.


(3) When the body shape is slightly deviated, the explosive force of thigh strike can be increased by using the power of body rotation. After the enemy is hit, the horizontal fist pursuit should also make full use of the rotating potential energy of the rotating body.


(4) Before, hit the enemy with the sole of your foot.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Use the strength of the potential to lead the air skillfully


When Huang mang swings his tail in actual combat, there will be “criticism of the hand”. The person holding the hand is not blocking or blocking, but a technique of guiding the enemy’s attack and sticking his hands and arms. The use of its strength is not to hit hard and block clearly, but the smooth and skillful strength of guiding the enemy’s potential in the air.


(2) Hit the stomach and hit the horizontal fist


Although the acupoint in the stomach cavity is the key, it does not have the effect of the following Yin. After the enemy is hit, there is often room for breathing.

I immediately enter the body, strike the fist and destroy the enemy to the ground, which is also the necessity of this posture.

This is the combined attack of boxing and legs. This sect has a deep discussion on “boxing and legs combination”, which I will introduce in detail in another book.