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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg nineteen twenty

Northern leg of Shaolin juelie leg 19 Rhinoceros horn


This leg technique is a defensive leg technique that specializes in defending against aggressive leg attacks such as poisonous snake spitting out messages and yellow Python swinging its tail. It is a defensive leg technique that uses legs to resist legs.


At the same time, after defense, it can quickly drive other leg attack methods to immediately turn people to counter attack, which is the basic leg attack method in actual combat.


This leg technique seems simple, but it is very convenient to use. It can not only be used in general, but also change in case of emergency, so as to make a transition for other offensive and defensive actions. Therefore, in addition to single practice, it is required to practice more in actual combat in order to obtain practical experience.


The enemy attacked us with “poisonous snake spits out a message”. The picture shows the moment when the legs attack, but the legs have not been completely hit. (Figure 48)


“Rhinoceros don’t horn” or “don’t” the enemy’s leg to block success. There are many offensive changes below this formula. Please refer to the introduction of “combined leg method” for details. (Figure 49)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg nineteen twenty-illustration-

[action essentials]


(1) This leg method is convenient to lift. Make sure the movement is clean and neat.


(2) The strength method uses the “farewell” strength of the knee, with a slight sense of closure.


(3) When moving, be sure to keep the center of gravity stable to facilitate the change of attack and defense.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Bend your knees and legs, especially change your moves


Lifting the knee to defend against the enemy’s fierce leg attack is not the purpose in actual combat. The purpose is to finally knock the enemy down. However, tactical defense is carried out in front of the enemy’s fierce attack, and then counterattack immediately. There must be a good “transition”, and one of the best forms of this transition is “rhinoceros other horn”.


The key to counterattack after the “other corners” leg technique is to immediately change the move and launch a counterattack when the opponent’s leg has not been pulled back. At this time, because all the empty positions of the enemy are exposed, it is very suitable for me to take advantage of it. Therefore, those who use this leg technique must have certain practical combat experience, so as not to lose a good opportunity in the face of change, so as to turn people to counterattack in time.


(2) Don’t rush. It’s meant to intercept


When using this other leg, you can not only protect your middle and footwall neutral, but also use the other strength of blocking, you should also take momentum to intercept the enemy’s leg, so as to limit the change of the enemy’s leg and increase your mobility.


(3) Body method coordination, take advantage of the attack


When the enemy’s legs are locked, it is a good time to take advantage of the situation and carry out close combat. That is to say, the closer the use of this leg technique is to the enemy, the more favorable it is, and the more it can attack the enemy’s vital points. Moreover, the enemy’s offensive is disintegrated behind, but our knee attack has jumped in front of the enemy. If you don’t enter the knee and block the enemy’s attack on my ankle and instep, it is called success. If you can boldly don’t enter and hit the enemy’s thigh, it is better.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 20 Evil tiger takes out his heart


This leg method is a melee knee attack. It is specially used to hit the enemy’s heart with a horizontal leg. It is as fierce as a tiger eating the heart, so it is named. This is the method of hitting the knee with this leg. The length is made from the short. Under the fierce attack of the enemy, attack people with fierce to fierce, wait for the right space, and the power of the enemy’s long fist combo will be weakened immediately. This is a tactical attack method to take the momentum. It is quite similar to go’s close behind killing, which has great practical significance.

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg nineteen twenty-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) The key to avoid the enemy’s potential is to be fast and accurate in neutral.


(2) Attack action, hand knee coordination.


(3) This method of attacking the knee is from closing to opening. When the knee collides horizontally, the hip should be impacted to obtain a longer attack distance as far as possible.


[key points of actual combat]


(3) At the same time, coordination is important


In actual combat, the enemy attacked fiercely. Under this situation, I also made a fierce forward attack. In order to obtain an effective attack in this state, we must make use of a “time difference” interval.


This “distance” disappears in an instant. Whoever makes good use of the “distance” between the two sides of the fight will win. Using the offensive and defensive actions in this space requires coordination. The “one meal” before this leg strike and the subsequent knee cross impact refer to the high coordination of this action.


(2) Distance estimation, especially accurate


If you attack with your fist and sole, you can plan for a long distance and attack with your knee Effective attack distance is short. Therefore, in actual combat, it is especially necessary to have a correct distance estimation. It can be considered that the key to a successful fighter is to judge the correct distance.


In actual combat, whether it is boxing, kicking, knee impact, head impact, elbow top, body rest, hip impact, and various attacks on all parts of the body, it is necessary to have a correct distance estimation. Otherwise, the smallest estimation error will bring unimaginable serious consequences and lead to failure. In close combat such as elbow top and knee impact, it is especially emphasized that the estimated distance must be correct.


(3) Open span impact, double the sudden force

In the close combat of knee top combat, the purpose of open cross release is to better release the increased explosive force and speed in an instant.


This increased attack energy is very threatening in actual combat. (when both the enemy and ourselves are estimating the distance of each other, this energy is often ignored and not used.)