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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 43 Sheep horn shovel leg


This leg method is to defend first and then fight back. It is a leg attack method to capture the supporting feet of the enemy’s footwall. It is a combined leg method of breaking the legs with the legs. This leg technique is developed from the “rhinoceros other horn”. It is an effective measure to deal with the fierce middle attack of the other party and fight back immediately.


After the rhinoceros successfully defends with its legs, there will be many mobile changes, and the immediate implementation of shovel attack is one of them.


Keep moving, and then enter the shovel to attack the enemy’s supporting feet. (Figure 138) the enemy must be shoveled and fall. (Figure 139)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-

[action essentials]


The essentials of rhinoceros’s other horns are fully applicable, but when using this leg method, the shovel should have a conscious consistency in order to shovel the leg in time and accurately.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Rhinoceros don’t have horns to defend against the hanging wall of the enemy


Knee defense center plate, blocking the enemy company’s fierce attack of poisonous snake spitting messages and the leg attack of yellow Python swinging its tail. At the same time, we should also pay close attention to the incoming enemy’s hanging wall offensive. Therefore, the implementation of shoveling legs to hit the enemy’s upper body and lean back to dodge is in line with this combat state.


This leg stroke requires the rhinoceros to connect its horn with the shovel stroke. Proficiency. Two movements are like one. When the enemy’s attack leg has not been recovered, my leg has broken hair, making it impossible to defend. The enemy’s supporting foot is the fatal gap in the footwall. It is very difficult to attack there. The opportunity is fleeting. When the rhinoceros’s other horns are successful and close, such an opportunity will come.


In order to gain an effective advantage in the footwall, we must fully estimate the hanging wall hit by the enemy one after another. If we are hit by the enemy first, this action will be affected. However, in practice, if the enemy hits him first in a direct attack, as long as the gap in the footwall has not been made up, he can still attack and complete his original intention to recover the defeat.


(2) Shovel the sky and change the move to melee


In actual combat, we often encounter accidents. The fighters who often practice have accumulated experience. When this leg attack is carried out, the middle and hanging wall avoid the enemy’s attack, but our shovel attack is also lost due to the advance of the enemy’s body. At this time, people immediately entered the close combat situation of close combat, which should be fully ideological estimation and technical preparation to prevent defeat.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 44 A lion catches two leopards


This leg method is the leg method of one person hitting two people. It’s used when two people attack me. The difference between it and the double dragon wagging tail is that it can complete the action directly after kicking and hitting without sideways scheduling.


Set up two people in front of and behind the enemy to attack me. I maintain a medium and long-range combat distance with the enemy. (Figure 140)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-1

I use extremely agile movements to hit the enemy on the front with poisonous snake’s belly and legs. Because of our advance, the distance between us and the enemy behind us is widened instantaneously. (Figure 141)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-2

Keep moving up, then start the fist on the same side as the leg, punch the enemy on the face, and at the same time, the attacking leg has been retracted. At this time, another enemy quickly approached from behind. (Figure 142)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-3

He kept moving up and still kicked back the enemy’s block with his legs closed and his fist. (Figure 143)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-4

The enemy will fall when attacked. I’m ready to catch the enemy immediately. (Figure 144-1)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-5

(action Essentials)


(1) Attack the front enemy with a sudden rush, punch and kick. Be sure to be light and cruel.


(2) When kicking the enemy’s legs after hitting, you must rely on the inertia of closing the legs, punching and bending, and coordinate the movement of the whole body.


(3) For the essentials of the front leg striking method, refer to “Viper string belly”, and the rear leg striking method shall not be lower than the crotch of the enemy to avoid losing. When hitting, the eyes must follow the leg.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Poisonous snake stabs the belly, which is simple and effective


To solve the problem of two people being attacked by the enemy at the same time, the simpler and faster the action requirements are, the more immediate the effect is, the better the effect is. When the poisonous snake is used in the belly, in order to dodge the urgent need of the rear enemy, it uses the method of suddenly kicking in and attacking the front enemy, which not only temporarily avoids the threat of the rear attack, but also uses the broken forward potential energy to obtain the potential energy of quickly attacking the front enemy and win two enemies at one stroke.


(2) The former enemy retreats behind and attacks the latter enemy fiercely


If the former enemy escapes from the attack and quickly escapes, and the former method escapes after the former method, I will kick the enemy coming back correctly and strive to kick down.


(3) Former enemy tengna, I will transfer


If the former enemy is skillful and reacts quickly, he quickly dodges my attacking leg with his body method, then moves forward instead of taking me. At this time, the latter enemy rushes again quickly. I change my moves and transfer horizontally with my steps.


(4) Eye control, staring forward and hitting back


If I look at the former enemy with my eyes, the former enemy dare not attack me rashly for a moment, but the latter enemy approaches quickly while I pay attention to the front. When I rush to attack, I will attack the enemy with a sudden rotation of 180 degrees, attack the enemy in front, attack the enemy in the back first, and then attack the enemy in front.


In this way, it is very easy to succeed and solve the crisis. The only requirement is to be familiar with the turning stroke method of this leg, cooperate with the body method and footwork, and complete it with extremely coordinated actions. As shown in figure 144-2

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-three forty-four-illustration-6