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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 45 The general hung up his boots


This leg method is used when one person attacks two people in the front at the same time. In the actual fight, the enemy two people gradually approach from the front at an angle of 45 degrees, which needs to be dealt with seriously. “General hanging boots” is an effective means to provide “one to two” attack methods.


The enemy attacked me from the front. Moreover, it advances at the same time, has no sequence, and seems impeccable. The relationship between ourselves and the enemy is like an isosceles triangle. (Figure 145-1)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-

I move one step to the left (right) to change the relationship of isosceles triangle.


It can be seen from the diagram that the distance between us and the enemy has changed obviously.


It has been transferred from being threatened by two enemies to being attacked by only one person for the time being. (Figure 145-2)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-1

Keep moving up and then take advantage of the horizontal movement. Attack a nearby enemy with the right (left) leg. (Figure 146)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-2

Hit a nearby enemy and the other enemy is coming. (Figure 147)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-3

One enemy has fallen, the other enemy has arrived. My leg has been retracted, but it has not yet landed. In a hurry, I kicked it out again, and the enemy fell in response. (Figure 148)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-4

(action Essentials)


(1) This move is used as the same leg to attack two enemies successively and kick out two legs. Therefore, the connection between the two legs is required to be compact. And make full use of the body method, so as to maintain the center of gravity during the leg strike, so that the leg strike is floating, heavy, long and accurate.


(2) Kick out the first leg and use the heel. When kicking out, the outer edge of the foot should be kicked out, but pay attention to the impact.


(3) In order to kick the subsequent leg effectively, the leg should be folded up against the chest to kick the second leg elastically. The second leg uses the sole of the foot to hit the enemy.


(4) Take a step aside ① attack the enemy with legs at the same time should be very coordinated, like one action, seamless, and can not be separated into two actions, otherwise it will be too late.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Review Bureau, measure potential, tactical transfer


The most important thing in the fight between one person and two people is to judge the situation and foresee the possible changes in the situation. The enemy and two people advance against me at the same time. They think they have a good plan. After correctly judging the situation, they implement tactical transfer with rapid and decisive steps. Such actions are based on practical combat experience and solid basic skills.



In the transfer of combat skills, there are not many requirements, not far but not close, and you can’t fall back too far or transfer too close. At this time, the enemy is also rushing at a considerable speed. If the distance is not properly controlled, it may be hit by the enemy first. Therefore, the situation should be judged accurately and the transfer distance should be appropriate.


(2) Two legs kick together, the first is accurate and the second is cruel


Sending out two legs is like kicking one leg, which is in linkage. The first leg requires absolute assurance and accuracy. The principle of attacking is to hit, and hitting is to kill.


Therefore, the key of the first leg attacking the enemy is the crotch and stomach yard, in order to make the enemy lose the ability of resistance immediately.


The second leg attack requires ruthlessness and aims to make a quick decision. The main consideration is that the enemy who was knocked down first may still get up again, leading to the complexity of the situation.


(3) If you are entangled by the enemy, go around immediately


Because both of them are frontal enemies, they attack suddenly, and the factor of successful smashing attack is reduced. After attacking the enemy with the first leg, they are caught by the enemy with one leg or hard block to block the attack. Such a situation is not conducive to a quick decision; Another enemy rushed to the front of my eyes and I would be defeated.


Therefore, we should immediately turn people to the ground to hurt the enemy with the most effective action, and take advantage of the situation to break through the approaching enemy. Therefore, it is required that the batter should not only have solid ground fighting skills, but also master ground fighting skills, so as to save the endgame and defeat the enemy.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 46 Black bear bows


This is a leg technique of one person attacking two people. Like “lion pouncing on two leopards”, it is specially used when two people attack me. “Lion pouncing on two leopards” only uses the same leg to make use of the inertia of the body Kick two legs successively.


Use the two legs alternately to frustrate the enemy. It looks similar in form, but there are many differences in practical use. Its technique is more difficult than “lion pouncing on two leopards”, and it also appears flexible when fighting.


With quick movements, I met the left side of the enemy, then started my right (left) leg and attacked the enemy’s heart with the tail swinging leg technique of yellow python. (Figure 149) upper connection (Figure 140)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-5

The former enemy was knocked to the ground, and the latter enemy was delayed because of timidity. I quickly approached the rear enemy in a low posture with a small jump step. (Figure 150)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-6

When the enemy is still in doubt, send a leg attack to the enemy’s tibia at a medium distance with extremely fast action. (Figure 151)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-7

The enemy will fall to the ground. (Figure 152)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg forty-five forty-six-illustration-8

[action essentials]


(1) This action is completed in a low posture. It looks like a bear and is clumsy in shape, but it is not slow when making a true positive hit. The key to the success of this action is to attack the enemy in a low posture.


(2) The head and tail attack the enemy’s heart with a yellow python. Its potential is very fierce. The enemy who attacks later does not dare to rush in. He must move slowly behind me and keep an eye on the right behind me.


However, if I want to attack him, I must have a certain distance, because the small jump step I am making is a tactical means of approaching the enemy quickly and unexpectedly. Therefore, we must do it suddenly, simply and harmoniously, without procrastination. Small jump steps should be easy and free.


(3) When you hit the enemy with a backward push, you jump after a small step. Therefore, it is necessary to lengthen your waist and strive to hit the enemy at a medium distance.


(4) The forward attack and back pedal must be continuous, but the action should be simple and concise. Give full play to the highly coordinated attack technique of wrapping the whole body tightly, shaking and flashing straight people, breaking and retreating, and jumping to hit the enemy.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) The enemy was uneven, and the black bear bowed


This is a black bear bow. It is used when the enemy heat is not very strong, or when two enemies are one strong and one weak. This is also the problem of the situation of the audit bureau. Many people fail to attack or fail to achieve the desired effect. They often find the reason based on their own speed. Speed is certainly a factor, but it is not an absolute factor. We should also consider whether the attack is proper and whether the method is incorrect (i.e. the action is incorrect). The faster speed is still invalid.



Not only that, you may also be beaten. Another important factor is the trial Bureau, which is in the fight between two people. Especially important. The Examination Bureau is accurate. If the enemy is weaker than me or one of them is weaker, you can use this leg technique. However, when attacking the enemy with Huang Python’s tail swinging leg method, we should attack the stronger enemy first and the weaker enemy second.


If the enemy in front is weak and the enemy behind is strong, if circumstances permit, we should also turn around suddenly to attack the stronger enemy behind us, and then clean up another enemy.


(2) Flexible and full posture


Under normal circumstances, it is more confident to attack the front enemy, but sometimes it will fail to attack the rear enemy. If the rear kick is not hit, it is also necessary to turn people to counterattack with other actions in time and situation. It fully shows the maneuvering posture of our strong enemy and weak enemy.