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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg five six

North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 5 Snake tongue

This Shaolin leg technique is a side attack leg attack method that specially takes the Zhongji acupoint. In actual combat, the enemy who is too strong will attack in pieces and attack the enemy with fists and legs. He will attack the enemy quickly. The threat of death makes people feel that there is no way to escape. He suddenly uses his body method to flash left (right) to make the enemy’s fist and foot fall.

At the same time, he rolls the enemy’s arms with the strength of his hands and arms, and then starts to attack the enemy from the side to take the enemy’s “Zhongji” acupoint. Therefore, the leg technique is named “poisonous snake rolling tongue” because it rolls its legs to attack the enemy after the upper arm protects the middle road.


The forces of the enemy and ourselves are basically balanced, but they attack me with “speed” and pounce on me. I dodge slightly to the left (right). (Figure 13)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg five six-illustration-

In the tight bearing posture, I guard the middle path with both arms, turn the air into the attack of the enemy’s hanging wall, and quickly use the poisonous snake tongue rolling leg technique to attack the enemy’s “Zhongji” acupoint. (Figure 14)


The enemy fell down after being hit. I took advantage of the opportunity to fight back. (Figure 15)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg five six-illustration-1

[action essentials]


(1) This leg technique attacks the enemy with the palm behind the foot.


(2) The key is that the “internal” flash should be just right.


(3) Both flash and kick, flash and kick move together. During the movement, the eyes should always aim at the enemy’s “middle pole” neutral position.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) At the same time, it should flash


Poisonous snake curls its tongue: whether it is hit by the enemy first and whether it can dodge is the key to the effectiveness and smooth application of this leg strike.


(2) The body moves and the footwall does not move


When using this leg to hit, the body flash does not move, but counterattacks the enemy’s potential at the moment of body flash.


(3) Don’t neglect to protect the middle road


Although the body shape has dodged the enemy’s attack, the two arms must protect the middle road to prevent the enemy from hitting the key of his middle wall. The hanging wall should also be firmly protected. The curled enemy’s arm should absorb the enemy’s strength, so as to reduce the changes of the enemy and make the curled tongue leg attack effective.


North leg of Shaolin juelie leg 6 Inverted hook Kunlun


This Shaolin leg method is an ordinary leg strike method of hook kick. It is named after hitting the Kunlun acupoint on the heel of the enemy’s foot. This leg hitting method is common and can be seen in the famous schools of martial arts. However, it is not easy to use it well in actual combat and achieve the hitting effect of leg up and person turnover. Therefore, in the whole process of fighting, we need to firmly grasp the situation and use it when we have the opportunity and power.


The enemy attacked me with a big horizontal fist or a straight fist, and I quickly dodged back. (Figure 16-1 and 2)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg five six-illustration-2

In the tight bearing posture, I immediately wipe the enemy’s arms and neck with both hands, and hook the enemy’s “Kunlun” acupoint with my legs to make it fall. (Figure 17)


Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg five six-illustration-3

[action essentials]


(1) Use the “JieXi” point in front of your stepping joint to hook the enemy’s “Kunlun”.


(2) The wiping and holding of hands should be accurate.


(3) Hand holding and foot hook kicking shall be carried out at the same time and in the opposite direction.


(4) Dodge back to avoid the enemy’s attack. Don’t lean back too much, otherwise you won’t be able to wipe the enemy’s arms.


(5) After dodging, wipe the hook and kick immediately. Don’t hesitate to doubt and lose the opportunity.


(key points of actual combat)


(1) Wipe the hook and kick, and the side body is smooth


It is a general principle in fighting to meet the enemy sideways. However, our sect pays attention to the natural response in fighting and does not need to sideways. Of course, it must have high Kung Fu. However, as far as this action is concerned, it is easy to face the enemy sideways.


(2) Hit Kunlun, thigh tingling


When hitting with the leg of hook kick, be sure to hit the acupoint accurately. After being hit by Kunlun, the enemy will suffer from severe pain, calf spasm, and even pain in the thigh. However, the ultimate purpose of this leg attack is to make the enemy fall. Fasting should have certain skills. Therefore, when practicing the leg stroke, it is necessary to have repeated hand-held and foot hook movement coordination training.


(3) Wipe the enemy’s arms and use your strength


Wiping and holding the enemy’s arms and neck is also a kind of strength, not the strength of hitting. When the strength is used to catch criticism, it belongs to the driving force of attachment, not the strength of collision.