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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg fifteen sixteen

Oolong sweeping


This Shaolin leg technique is a kind of turning lower leg hitting technique that specializes in knee funeral bones. It is named after its attack momentum, especially the rotation and sweeping of the dragon.


In actual combat, the enemy attacks us with high legs, which is urgent and fierce. I can break it with this leg technique.


The enemy attacked my head with a high right (left) leg. (Figure 38)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg fifteen sixteen-illustration-

I rotate my body to the left (right) and advance obliquely to the right in accordance with the principle of the enemy’s advance. (Figure 39)


In the tight bearing posture, immediately send the leg and kick the outside of the left (right) leg to the funeral bone of the enemy’s knee. The enemy will fall. (Figure 40)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg fifteen sixteen-illustration-1

(action Essentials)


(1) The key lies in the rotation, which should be rapid and coordinated.


(2) The key of leg strike is to make full use of the potential energy of rotation.


(3) Leg strike should be accurate.


(4) When turning, the middle and hanging wall should have self-protection.


[key points of actual combat]


(1) Breaking your legs with your legs is the secret of martial arts


Breaking the enemy’s leg attack on me with violent leg attack is an important practical principle of Vajra Zen nature gate. Leg boxing is the key to distinguish and excel Chinese Wushu from other “Western boxing” and other fighting skills. There are some schools of martial arts in Western Europe, such as Kungfu and kungfu, which are not the evolution of Kungfu in Japan. Breaking leg strike with leg strike is the essence of leg strike.


(2) If you attack with high legs, you must prevent knee attack


The enemy attacks me with high legs and I turn to attack the enemy’s knees, but we should also prevent the enemy’s attack legs and knees from suddenly changing their moves to attack me. Therefore, when I sweep the floor with my own dragon, I must closely defend the middle and upper wall to avoid mistakes.


(3) Accurate coordination, rapid and natural


In the implementation of Oolong sweeping, the accuracy of leg strike is very important. Be sure to try to make the funeral bone fall out. The coordinated completion of this action is closely related to speed and nature. Only when it is fast and natural can it reflect the explosive power of leg attack. Otherwise, although the enemy is attacked, it will not work.


Black bear roots


This Shaolin leg method is a basic leg attack method that is designed to attack the enemy’s instep bones and step down. This action is famous for its image like a black bear jumping forward in solo practice. “Daogen” is a special term used by Wushu boxers to attack the instep. Therefore, this leg method is an ordinary foot stroke method.


Relying on his height and strength, the enemy advanced step by step. I had nothing to do and was forced to retreat step by step. (Figure 41)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg fifteen sixteen-illustration-2

With a sudden leap forward, I stomped on the enemy’s instep, and at the same time punched the enemy’s lower lead, so that the enemy immediately fell. (Fig. 42)

(Action essentials)

(1) The leap forward should be sudden, which is the key to success.

(2) Step on the instep of the enemy with the back of the foot.

[Practical points]

(1) Waiting for the neutral position, dodging and attacking

If you want to step on the instep of the enemy, you must be in the neutral position when entering, otherwise you will not be able to enter. Dodge attack is to avoid the enemy’s sudden counterattack and side attack.

(2) Hit the feint, the eyes are erratic

To be successful in this move, distract him with erratic eyes instead of staring at the instep of the enemy. If you keep staring at the back of your feet like this, the movement will not be successful. In short, be good at concealing your intentions.

(3) Up and down, the center of gravity is stable

When stepping down and striking, the palms should be stable, and the principles of “no movement without movement” and “no progress with every advance” should be implemented. Otherwise, the enemy’s strength is strong, and the foot retraction is enough to make the attacker fall by himself.

(4) The heart of the toes can also be attacked

When hitting the enemy, if the enemy has already started to draw his feet backwards, hitting the enemy’s toes at this time will have the same effect.

If the enemy has a gap in the middle game, he will use his elbow to hit the enemy’s chest to cooperate with the retreat, and the effect will be more significant.

This action is simple and easy to perform, and in actual combat, it can be used as a leading action in a set of attack methods.