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Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg eleven twelve

Arhat bullet kick

This Shaolin leg technique is a hook kick leg strike method specially designed to remove the footwall. When practicing the single practice of this leg technique, it is quite like a little monk kicking small stones on the ground to play, so it is named.

When used in actual combat, its action direction is different from the reverse hook Kunlun. The backward hook Kunlun is a kick from the side of the hind leg, and from the back hook Kunlun key point at the heel, while the Arhat bullet kick is a small set of steps.

When the enemy attacks me, it covers the enemy’s side, hooks the enemy’s JieXi point with the bow in front of my foot, hits the enemy’s JieXi point with both hands, and hits the enemy’s back to achieve the effect of causing the enemy to fall forward. It is to hit the enemy according to the situation. The skill requirements and practical combat experience of this leg strike method should be high.

If the enemy strikes from my left (right) as if with a fist, I will take a low posture and set steps, rotate to the enemy’s left (right), swing the enemy’s right (left) hand with the left (right), and then pull it back. (Figure 29)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg eleven twelve-illustration-

In the tight bearing upper pose, quickly lift the left (right) leg, hook and kick the enemy’s feet. At the same time, continue to draw with the left (right) hand, then change hands, and cut the enemy’s back with both palms to make the enemy fall. (Figure 30)

[key points of actual combat]

(1) When the enemy enters our territory, he leads up and kicks down

When the enemy attacks, we should dare to move far, be proficient in setting steps and be resolute in traction. Lead up and kick down and walk towards each other. Be coordinated.

(2) Lose the lead and kick the air, and change the moves with the moves

When the traction is lost, the hook kick is avoided by the enemy, and then respond to the situation. Attack with other moves to avoid failure, because Arhat bullet kick can connect many attack actions quite smoothly.

Black tiger tail cutting

This Shaolin leg method is a side and back attack method specially designed to take the enemy’s Mingmen acupoint. This leg technique is used repeatedly in actual combat. The step of retreating and then moving forward is transferred, especially like the running and jumping of a tiger, so it is named.

When the enemy’s potential is too strong and his strength is strong, but his experience is not enough, using this leg attack method can be more effective. And it can often win with one strike, which is the basic transfer strike method in actual combat.

Set the enemy to attack our hanging wall with dense fists, advance quickly with footwork, withdraw from the left (right) rear side, and turn the upper body left (right) to avoid the enemy’s potential. (Figure 31)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg eleven twelve-illustration-1

In the tight bearing upper pose, I quickly step up and circle to the right (left) rear side of the enemy. I use the side attack leg technique with my upper body in a low posture to attack the enemy’s vital door. If the enemy advances fast and has not turned around at this time, there is no doubt that he will hit the gate of life.

If the enemy is more sensitive and has turned right (left), he will hit Shenyan point and sit down. (Figure 32-1 and 2)

Shaolin Kung Fu deadly leg eleven twelve-illustration-2

[Action essentials]

(1) The retreat should be quick, and then the step should be around the enemy’s rear. The footwork should be unified, consistent and not scattered.

(2) When kicking up, you can’t stand tall, and you can defend against the enemy and counterattack.

(3) All the forward and backward movements must be coordinated and coherent in a complete set, and cannot be scattered as two movements.

(4) Hit the enemy with the back of the foot.

[Practical points]

(1) The key to tail trimming is to move

The purpose of retreating and advancing obliquely is to achieve the purpose of flanking the enemy’s gate, so the whole set of Tengna footwork must be proficient in one breath.

(2) The enemy is attacking directly, inexperienced

This leg method is only known to the enemy to attack directly, but it cannot be effectively transferred. Those with poor actual combat experience can use this leg, and it has been tried and tested repeatedly, and it is very effective.

(3) Decisive leg strikes and quick footwork

The basic condition of this leg strike is to gain the advantage of the side. Therefore, the kicking kick must be decisive and timely. When Tenna changes steps, the kicking kick should be changed to a good position at any time.