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Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu

[classic martial arts]

Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-

The picture above shows Wu Zi, the president and head coach of Beijing Shaolin martial arts school

(taken on June 6, 2008)


Introduction to kung fu


Flying skill is a soft and strong skill in Shaolin 72 art. It is one of the lightness skills. It is specially used to practice running and galloping with two legs.


Cultivation principle


The practice process of this skill should follow the principles from shallow to deep, from easy to difficult, from light to heavy, and from low to high. We need to proceed step by step and not rush for success.



Practice steps


Phase I


At the beginning of learning, it is the same as lightness skill and cornice walking skill. First, take lead sand and practice running on the flat ground. The lead sand bound by both legs must also be soaked in pig blood according to the previous method to make it dead lead before it can be used.


Lead should be taken from 4 to 2 per leg to 5 kg. Usually, it is advisable to wash the legs with liquid medicine to prevent damage.


It is mainly practiced in the morning every day. At the beginning of practice, you can choose to practice on the flat ground. With the continuous enhancement of your skills, it will increase by 1

Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-1

Second stage

At this stage, practice the in-situ jumping method at stone steps and sand pits. First of all, it is still necessary to practice according to the principle of skill cultivation. Practice hard for two hours in the morning every day, divided into six groups, from less to more.

At the practice place, dig a bunker or choose a step on the flat ground. The initial height is 50 cm. It will increase with the depth of skill enhancement.

The longer you practice, the higher you jump. Five years later, you can jump up to 1-2 meters on the ground. Those with profound skills can continue to rise. This method should be persevered in order to succeed (Figure 2).

Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-2

Phase III

At this stage, you can go to the iron sand and run light. Obviously, the speed is not what it used to be.

Practice for an hour every morning according to the steps of the skill, 20 kilometers a day, which can be extended to 5 kilometers after 3 weeks. Finally, practice by running mountains and rocks. Climb mountains, cliffs and streams every morning, walking like flying and walking on the ground.

Those who practice this skill should be slow rather than fast. They should persevere. After success, they can fly to the room and climb high and far. If you succeed in this skill, you must practice hard for decades. (figures 3, 4, 5 and 6).

Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-3
Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-4
Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-5
Shaolin Jump Flying Kung Fu-illustration-6

Note: this skill should be practiced under the guidance of professionals. Do not imitate it easily.