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Shaolin Iron Arm practice and precautions

Iron arm work

Shaolin Iron Arm practice and precautions-illustration-
According to legend, “Iron Arm kungfu” is one of the “Seventy-two Arts of Shaolin” and is also a highly acclaimed exercise in traditional martial arts. In the past, there were practitioners in all sects, and those with deep skills could break stone pillars with their arms. At present, there are very few practitioners. In order to carry forward the Chinese martial arts, the practice methods, essentials and requirements are introduced below for reference.

Shaolin Iron Arm practice and precautions-illustration-1
The practitioner faces the tree trunk, stands on horseback, holds his left and right fists at his waist, and faces up with his fist up, looking at the trunk. The distance from the tree can be determined by the length of the upper limbs.

First, the right fist is rotated inward, stretched forward and upward in an arc along the side of the body, the fist is level with the head, the fist is facing down, and the outside of the forearm is hit against the tree, and the right fist is seen. At the same time, the right heel is abducted 45°, the body turns to the left, twists the waist, smoothes the shoulders, swings the arms, and reaches the forearm.

Then move up, rotate the right fist to the left crotch, and the fist is diagonally facing upward. The left heel is abducted 45°, the body is twisted to the right, the right fist continues to stretch forward and upward in a fist-shaped route, the fist is level with the head, the fist eye is facing up, and the outside of the forearm is hit against the tree, and the right fist is seen.

Then retract from the original route, fall to the right crotch, fist up, right heel abduction 45°, body turn to the left, twist waist and shoulder, right fist in an arc route forward and upward, fist and head level, fist eye up, inside the forearm against the trunk, see the right fist.

As mentioned above, the left and right arms are rotated.

Practicing iron arm exercises for many years, not only the upper limbs are flexible and free, but also the arm muscles are full, thick and powerful, the ligaments are tough, and the ability to adapt to actual combat is enhanced.

Shaolin Iron Arm practice and precautions-illustration-2
Notes :

1. Choose trees with slightly flat bark, strong wood, and suitable thickness (sandbags and stakes can also be used instead).

2. First of all, we must prepare for the activities, concentrate our thoughts, first light and then heavy, first slow and then fast, step by step.

3. Breathing is based on the principle of “inhaling and exhaling”, do not hold your breath.

4. At the moment of waving your arm to hit a tree, the muscles of your forearm should be tensed, and pay attention to body coordination, naturalness and smoothness.

5. Beginners can use canvas to make a pair of short sleeves or tie cotton yarn, soft cloth, etc. on the trunk, which can protect the skin.

6. The number of times you practice every day can be decided according to your own situation, and you must not fight hard to avoid injury.

7. After each exercise, fully relax or self-massage. (Liu Shaoliang)