kung fu moves · 06/10/2023

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand

The claw attack technique is one of the Shaolin kung fu stunts, and there are Shaolin thirteen grasps handed down to the world. Shaolin thirteen grasps, focusing on grappling, unique moves, forbidden fighting moves for the ring, need to be used with caution.

Claw is a poisonous hand that specializes in dealing with vicious enemies.

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First, grasp the claw

Technical movement: Using the claw fingers of the tiger’s claw as a force point, grab forward and down (Figure 1-1).

Technique: The gripper is mainly used to grasp the enemy’s face and chest. The gripper contact area is large and the accuracy is high (Figure 1-2).

Key points of application: the five fingers are forcefully opened, bent, and tense, hard as steel claws, without relaxing, and there is a tendency to “grab a handful of meat and poke people in five holes”.

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand-illustration-
Second, push and grasp

Technical movements: The hand pushes forward or sideways with tiger claws from the waist or chest, with the base of the palm and the fingers of the claw as force points (Figure 2-1).

Technique: Pushing claws is mainly used to attack the enemy’s face, chest, etc., and its power is much greater than that of grasping claws. In addition to grip, there are thrust and poke forces (Figure 2-2).

Key points of application: the shape and hardness of the claw are the same as those of the gripper; When attacking, kick the legs to send the hips, push, poke, and grab in one breath to complete, complete and coordinated.

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand-illustration-1
3. Flirting with claws (prodding claws)

Technical moves: Tiger claws are used to strike from the bottom to the front and up. Those with the claw facing upwards are positive; Those who reverse from bottom to back and up are anti-prodding claws; Those with claws ipsilateral and backward are transverse claws (Fig. 3-1, Fig. 3-2).

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand-illustration-2
Technique: The claw mainly attacks the enemy’s crotch. When attacking, defend with one hand and attack with the other (Figures 3-3, Figs. 3-4).

Key points of application: There are four ways to use claws: prodding, prying in support, prying with grasp and prodding grasping as one. The latter two are poisonous hands, non-vicious people do not use, the force should be appropriate.

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand-illustration-3
Fourth, take the claw

Technical movement: Eagle claw hand shape can be held in any direction.

Technique: Claw is the main method of holding acupoints, grasping tendons and crushing bones, and can grasp the enemy’s key acupuncture points and weak parts, such as taking the laryngeal canal, common carotid artery, Hegu point, Neiguan point, etc. (Figure 4-1, Figure 4-2).

Key points of application: The thumb and the other four fingers are opposite each other, hold it hard, and hold it firmly to be effective.

Shaolin claw method is poisonous hand-illustration-4
5. Lock throat claw

Technical movement: In the shape of an eagle’s claw, the tiger’s mouth is slammed upwards and the force reaches five fingers (Figure 5-1).

Technique: The throat claw is mainly used to fork the enemy’s throat, making it difficult for the enemy to breathe and faint. The lock throat claw is very lethal and easy to kill, so it should be used with caution (Figure 5-2).

Key points of application: apply force forward and upward, jam the key point between the enemy’s lower jaw and the throat, and pinch the fingertips inward.