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Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines

Preparatory type


Stand with two feet at the same time, relax your chest and abdomen, loosen your shoulders and flat head, and naturally hang your hands on both sides of your body, looking forward (Fig. 1).


Key points: relaxed body, calm mind and natural breathing.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-

Lifting type


Open your left foot, shoulder width apart, hold your fists around your waist, turn your head left, and look at the front left (Figure 2).


Key points: when boxing, the heart of the fist shall be upward, and the left foot, boxing and head turning shall be carried out at the same time.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-1

1. horse step horizontal grid


Cross the left foot into a horse step, cross the left hand, and look at the front left (Fig. 3).

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-2

2. lunge punch


Turn left to form a left bow step, punch the right fist, hold the left fist at the waist, and look at the front left (Figure 4).


Key points: turn around, twist your waist and kick your legs, and apply your strength to your waist.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-3

3. cross spring leg punch


Lift the right knee and stretch the leg, punch the left fist, and hold the right fist at the waist. Look ahead (Figure 4).


Key points: Bullet leg punch should be fast and powerful. Lida fist face and foot face.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-4

4. horse step punch


The right leg falls to the front to form a horse step. Hold the left fist back to your waist, twist your waist and hit the right fist, with the fist heart down. Look at the front right (Figure 5).


Key points: the movement should be coordinated and the punch should be powerful.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-5

5. smash fist


Shake your right foot back into a squat and hit your right fist. The left hand is the palm with the palm upward. The right hand is the fist, with the fist heart upward. Look ahead (Figure 6).


Key points: turn quickly, loosen the shoulder and arm, punch forcefully and reach the face of the fist.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-6

6. alternate punching


Jump to the right and turn 180 degrees to form a horse step. Punch left (Figure 7).


Important: do not jump higher than 10cm.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-7

7. step up and push the palm


Take the upper right step to form a right lunge. First push the right palm and hold the left palm at your waist. Then push the left palm and hold the right palm at the waist (Fig. 8 and 9).


Key points: when pushing the palm, the palm is willow leaf palm, with the fingertip upward and the little thumb in front. Reach the palm edge, coordinate, and move quickly and forcefully.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-8

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-9

8. footstep hook


The left hand holds the hand backward to form a hook, the right hand is in front of the left chest, the upper body turns 90 degrees, the left leg squats down, and the right leg straightens into a right footstep (Figure 10).


Key points: turn around and squat down quickly, and lean forward slightly.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-10

9. lunge and palm pushing


Move the body weight forward into a right lunge, hold the right palm forward from the left shoulder into a hook, push the palm forward with the left hand, and look at the right front (FIG. 11).


Key points: sink your shoulders and drop your elbows. Push your legs hard to reach the palm edge.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-11

10. fighting and pushing palm


Bounce your left leg and clap your left foot with your right hand, and then take a horse step with your hands at your left waist. Then fight with your right hand upward and push your left palm (Fig. 12-14).


Key points: leg bouncing, waist turning, Parry fighting and palm pushing should be competitive, and the movements should be fast and consistent.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-12

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-13

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-14

11. jump, turn and punch


Turn around with another step, hit the left fist with the right arm at the same time, and fall to the ground into a horse step. Then turn around and punch with the left bow step (FIG. 15 and 16).


Key points: the action should be fast and consistent, and be done at one go.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-15

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-16

12. lunge double punch


Start fighting with both hands, shake the right foot, take the left step into a horse step, turn around and punch with both hands (Fig. 17-19).


Key points: turn the waist to make the force fast and fierce, and reach the fist Lun.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-17

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-18

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-19

13. lunge top elbow


Kick the right leg, clap the foot, and drop the lunge to top the elbow (FIG. 20 and 21).


Key points: when kicking, you should reach your feet quickly and reach the top of your elbows.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-20

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-21

14. virtual step blocking


Turn left and insert your palm. Block the face with the left fist to the right, and block the crotch with the right fist. Swing the right fist (Figure 22, 23, 24).


Key points: turn around and twist your waist to coordinate. Use your back foot to force and your front foot to touch the ground.

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-22

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-23

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-24

15. retractable


Stand side by side with your left foot to your right foot, and hold your fists back to your waist. Look at the front left (Figure 25).

Shaolin Chain Boxing Routines-illustration-25