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Shaolin anti capture technique – grasp wrist with both hands

Text/Sanwu Group 2014

1. Double Binding Hands

【How to move】

Example 1:

1. The enemy is grabbing my right wrist with his right hand, and pressing down on my right elbow with his left hand (Picture 1).

2. I charge my right arm forward, then pull back and bend my elbow (Picture 2).

3. Take a left step and use your left hand to pick up and wrap your opponent’s wrist from the bottom of his left wrist. Then, our twin

At the same time, the hand wraps up the left and right wrists, and the arms are crossed and pulled to the sides, and the enemy’s left arm is tied to the right arm (Figure 3).

4. The right hand slammed his ribs, causing him to be seriously injured (Figure 4).

Shaolin anti capture technique – grasp wrist with both hands-illustration-

Example 2:


1. The enemy grabbed our right wrist with his right hand and grabbed our right elbow with his left hand in an attempt to capture our arms (Fig. 5).


2. Use your left hand to catch the enemy’s left wrist from under your right arm (Fig. 6).


3. Take the left step, wrap both hands around his wrists at the same time, pull his arms to both sides, and press his left arm with his right arm. At this time, you can immediately pull out your left hand and hit its rib (Fig. 7).

Shaolin anti capture technique – grasp wrist with both hands-illustration-1

xample 3:


1. The enemy grabs our right wrist with his right hand and cross our left wrist with his left hand (Fig. 8).


2. At this time, we can take the above two examples instead.


[key points]


1. In the above three cases of reverse wrist wrapping movements, the arms should bend the elbows close to the body, wrap and pull the enemy’s left and right wrists to both sides, shorten the forward extension radius of the two arms and increase the tension.


2. When we pull the enemy’s arms into a cross, we should push forward and bind his hands at the same time to attack.




According to the above three examples:


1. If you are tied with your arms, if your right arm is tied under your left arm, you can quickly wrap your left hand around the enemy’s left wrist when the enemy releases his right hand to attack, and your right hand helps your left hand grasp and hold it in front of your chest from bottom to top. At the same time, withdraw your left step and turn left, and hit his elbow with your right upper arm to break it (Fig. 9 and 10).


2. If the left arm is tied under the arm, the method with the same direction as the above cracking action can be used.

Shaolin anti capture technique – grasp wrist with both hands-illustration-2

2、 Turn around and cut the throat




1. The enemy grasps our right wrist with his right hand; At the same time, hold the bottom of my right wrist with my left hand and twist my hands backwards (FIG. 11).


2. We can counter buckle the enemy’s left wrist with our right hand, insert one step backward with our left foot, and then turn left and back; At the same time, cutting or pinching the throat with the left palm can make the enemy hold his breath or shock (Fig. 12).


[key points]


1. The speed of turning around should be fast and the back should be straight. I should wrap my right arm around my waist as much as possible to prevent the enemy from pushing upward.


2. When cutting or pinching the throat, if the enemy tightens his chin, he can fight back with “two dragons playing with pearls”.




According to the above example, the captured person quickly bends to the left, hits his waist with his right fist at the same time, and pulls his left hand back to free himself (FIG. 13).