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shaolin 8 Ways of Arhat Fighting

“Arhat Shenda” includes the inner eight hammers, the outer eight hammers, the inner eight legs, the outer eight legs, the bright eight hammers, and the dark eight hammers.

The art of martial arts goes: Arhat Qixing, walking around Tintin, moving left and right rushing as fast as the wind, left and right meteors rushing to the chest. Don’t block on the top, don’t fight on the low, hit the center, change the gossip. With both hands in his arms, ghosts dare not come. Four-star training in fists, eyes, waist and feet, every step of the way, Ding Ding is about to enter the body.

The head should be on the top, the stake should be stable, and the shoulders should not be loose when falling. The Arhat God beats the world without him, his moves are as quick as electricity and as fast as the wind, he turns the wind and fire back and turns his legs, and he steps back and kicks to show his extraordinary skills.

Shaking his arms and swaying like a serpent, a ghost’s head probes his head to see the empty space, fashion is light and light like walking on ice, and his feet go in and out like a mount. Immediately get off the horse, it is the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips and knees. He also said: The two knees go in and out like a mount, and the two feet are as light as walking on ice.

1. Inner eight hammer

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2、 External eight hammer

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3、 Ming Bada

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4、 Dark eight dozen

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5、 Inner eight legs

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6、 Outer eight legs

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Arhat boxing originated from Shaolin Temple in Songshan mountain. It is both internal and external, changeable and unpredictable. It has always been only awarded to the martial monks in the temple. It is regarded as a treasure of the town temple.

It was not introduced into the folk until the end of the Qing Dynasty. A golden alarm bell was passed from master miaoxing to the North (mainly the hard Kung Fu in Arhat boxing); The other one is passed from master Chengyun to Liu Baichuan (mainly arhat boxing).

Liu Baichuan, in particular, has amazing skills and is praised as “the first foot in the south of the Yangtze River” by the Wulin circle. His Arhat boxing technique is known as “Arhat God fight”.