kung fu moves · 10/28/2023

Sanda – the use of the back swing leg in the game

First, the application of the back swing leg

1. Offensive back leg swing method.
In the game, pay attention to the opponent (especially the eyes), if the opponent is slightly distracted or inattentive due to some factors, this is the best time to attack, you can use the method of surprise attack to quickly hit the opponent with a back swing leg (of course, within the referee’s command).

The opponent may also have a hard time finding a flaw in the confrontation, so we can use the tactics of “striking the east and attacking the west” or “hitting the finger” in “sports warfare”, using the leg or fist to dangle the opponent to lure the enemy into defense, and then use this leg method.

Example: Use the front leg to feint on the lower part of the opponent to focus on the lower defense, lure the opponent to bend down, and quickly use the back swing leg to knock down the opponent if it hits the opponent in the face (Pictures 1 and 2) (this method can also be used to lure the enemy for other attacks).
Sanda – the use of the back swing leg in the game-illustration-

Sanda – the use of the back swing leg in the game-illustration-1
2. Defensive back swing legs.
In “sports warfare”, use skills such as dodging and jumping to avoid the opponent’s attack, consciously adjust the distance between the enemy and the enemy, so that the opponent is within the range of our use of the back swing leg to hit, and be sure to attack when the enemy’s attack misses, cannot organize a second attack or the center of gravity is unstable, the effect is better.
Example: When an enemy attacks with a backward swing, I dodge quickly and misses his opponent’s moves. After a successful dodge, the opponent’s backsweep will have to be in the air for a “while” (a split second, of course), and I can use this time to adjust the direction and position (instinctive reaction is fast, this reaction is achieved by long-term training), and when the opponent’s feet seem to be on the ground and do not hit the ground, or when the center of gravity is out of control due to inertia, I can attack decisively and use this leg to knock out the opponent (Figures 3 and 4).
Sanda – the use of the back swing leg in the game-illustration-2

Sanda – the use of the back swing leg in the game-illustration-3

2. Training methods

1. Flexibility training.

In view of the action requirements of the back swing leg, you should usually pay attention to the exercise of leg press and high control leg flexibility to ensure the height when hitting.

Leg press: front press, back press, side pressure (the rear leg press is the key to sweeping the back swing leg).

At the same time, the flexibility training of the waist should not be neglected to prevent the lumbar ligament from being strained when doing the movement. Waist flexibility training can be done lower waist, waist turning, waist shabu and other exercises.

2. Movement practice methods.

When doing the action, the front leg toe buckle, while twisting the waist, the back leg quickly followed the sweep, with the belt to drive the leg force, the back leg is an arc sweep, aware of the enemy’s chest, the foot should be a straight line sweep, in order to hit the opponent’s vital point. Avoid flying too high to avoid missing or not threatening the enemy. Repeated swing exercises can enhance movement proficiency and sweeping speed, which is conducive to the use of free use in practice.

3. Target practice.

The height of the target should be almost the same as your own height, and the live target is the best (including sandbags, people holding leg targets, etc.). When hitting, be careful to hit the target with the forefoot and back heel (heel is the most lethal).

Target shooting exercises are very effective in enhancing the speed, strength, and explosiveness of leg sweeps.

4. Simulation exercises.

The two cooperate to require the same attack, dodge and choice of offensive timing as in practice, one side “feeds” the move, and the other can perform an offensive backward swing or a defensive counterattack. This can increase the awareness of actual combat and enhance the mastery of the best time to use the action. Note that the target of the sweep is the opponent’s chest, head, and face, so that in practice, when practicing the effect of “natural hit rate”, both sides should be highly concentrated, so as not to cause unnecessary injuries.

Precautions: Before the exercise, all joints of the body, especially the joints of the legs, waist and feet, must be flexible and mobile to prevent injury. (Yang Rui)