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Recipe of Yamashita Yasuhiro – King of Judo

Recipe by Yasuhiro Yamashita

Recipe of Yamashita Yasuhiro – King of Judo-illustration-
Yasuhiro Yamashita is the pride of all Japan, and he is known as the “King of Judo”. Whether in domestic or international competitions, he has won many championships and is invincible. The Hercules’ eating habits have also attracted much attention. Here are a few things about him.

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Avoid meat

According to the popular impression, Hercules usually relied on meat and exercise to build strength. However, Yasuhiro Yamashita is different, he has not liked to eat meat since he was a child.

Whether it is shredded meat or minced meat, as soon as it is put in the dish, he will not eat it. Even when eating, the meat must be picked out of the bowl. Yamashita’s mother was very worried that her son would not eat meat, so she tried to make the dishes more delicious. Seeing that his mother cared about himself so much, Yamashita reluctantly ate less later.

By the second grade of middle school, Yamashita ate char siu in Chinese noodle soup for the first time, which allowed him to overcome his natural “meat taboo” habit.

Since then, no matter what food he eats, he has always eaten in moderation, neither picky eater nor taboo eating, and consistent exercise, which has made his body stronger and stronger.

Yamashita first won the All Japan Judo Championship when he was nineteen years old. In his athletic prime, he has maintained a height of 1.80 meters and a weight of about 125 kilograms.

The reason why Yamashita’s body can absorb nutrients superior is because he never binge on food.

The following is a recipe for a meal on a day under Yamashita:

“A small bowl of rice, grilled fish, meat, vegetables, salad, miso soup, etc.”

Because he was “strictly taught” by his mother since he was a child, he developed the habit of not eating and drinking too much, and paid great attention to the nutritional value of food.

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The relationship between competition and appetite Whenever a major competition is approaching, appetite tends to become extremely sensitive. Yamashita arrived a week before the race, and his appetite dropped significantly because of the strong desire to compete.

Yamashita believes that, unlike other competitions, you can’t be unrestrained in eating and drinking in judo. Especially in judo, there are three or four competitions a year, and each time we give it our all, because it is a very important thing, so it is very stupid not to control our appetite.