kung fu moves · 09/11/2023

Qigong – the practice of gathering energy to return to the gods

Concentration method

Introduction to Qigong
This exercise is only used as an introduction to qigong, please choose carefully according to your actual situation and conditions!

Qigong – the practice of gathering energy to return to the gods-illustration-
1. Posture:

1. Standing, sitting and lying down, the whole body is naturally relaxed, the mind is calm, the eyes are slightly closed, and the face is smiling.

Silently recite five tones, horn, zheng, gong, shang, feather, five silently recited three times, with the qi set on the lower dantian part.

2. Place both hands on the abdomen, ten fingers relative to each other slowly grasp, to be even, one knuckle loose grasp (like pulling rubber bands, while listening to music qigong, while doing this work is better).

3. Hands are grasped to the position where they cannot be abducted, ten fingers are spread, hands slowly close inward, and when the fingers are about to touch, then grasp each other separately, at the same time, the ten toes of the feet are secretly hooked down, and when the hands are closed, the toes are relaxed.

4. Ten fingers of hands and feet, one pump and one movement into one movement.

5. Return your hands to the lower dantian, and gather energy to return to the gods.

Second, the action essentials:

1. The ten fingers are pulled like silk, from the inside to the outside, and the knuckles are loose and soft.

2. The ten fingers of the foot are also loose and coordinated with the fingers.

3. This exercise should reconcile the twelve right meridians around the body, the three yin of the hand, the three yin of the hand, the three yin of the foot, and the three yang meridians of the foot, so that it can be optimized and dredged, and the five tones of meditation should sink into the lower dantian with the qi.

3. Efficacy:

1. Quick qi and strong sense of qi, which can promote the coordination of the brain and limbs.

2. Enhance the strength of ten fingers (toes).

3. Thermal expansion of the whole body, lower dantian, tail lu pass, perineal beating. After practicing for a long time, he can practice inner vision and feel that there is a pearl rolling in the lower dantian. (Wu Shen)