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Qigong – Longzi Gui Yuan kungfu

Qigong – Fa Longzi Gui Yuan kungfu

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1. Exercises:

1. Stand naturally, relax the whole body, feet shoulder-width apart, feet on the ground, intention to insert both feet into the core, lift the kidney contraction, look ahead, and imagine the unity of heaven and earth. At the same time, five tones are silently chanted: horn, micro, gong, shang, and feather. Five tones to five elements and five organs, silently recite the five tones three times to the lower dantian.

2. Clasp the palms of both hands, palms facing each other, place the lower dantian part, hands facing down, and integrate the inner qi with the qi of heaven and earth (open the portals of Baihui, Yongquan, and Lao Gong).

3. The ten fingers of both hands are interlocked and lifted, along the abdominal vein, in the lower dantian, through the middle dantian, and to the upper dantian.

4. Slowly raise your hands to your neck and face, turn your palms, raise your hands above your head, palms up, and look up at your hands.

5. Keep your hands inward, stand up to the sky, and at the same time look straight ahead, slowly spread your arms to the sides and fall to shoulder level, palms down, fingertips outward.

6. Move the arms down, the palms are wrapped in a circle, slowly adduction, the palms are together, and handed over to the lower dantian, the male has the left hand inside, the right hand is outside, the female is the opposite, inhale and adduction, and stop slightly.

7. Reap the credit. Inhale deeply for three breaths, silently chant the five tones and sink into the lower dantian with the breath.

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II. Theory and Key Points:

The movements of this step exercise have a total of six movements, from shallow to deep, step by step, and the movements must be fully coordinated before entering the next level of exercise.

1. Activate the true qi of the human body, dredge the two veins of Rendu, and open (Baihui, Yongquan, and Laogong organs) to connect the information of the three talents of heaven and earth.

2. Meditation on five tones is set in the lower dantian, and the lower dantian part will produce a feeling of warmth. Qi, light, and sound correspond to the three talents of heaven and earth, that is, generating energy, mobilizing the vitality of the qi sea, stepping on the ground with both feet, and a kind of Meng Yuan Qi flowing up and down the body.

3. Stop your hands in the lower dantian, gradually grow and fill up the vitality in the lower abdomen, and lift the hands up, so that the true qi is lifted from the lower dantian, along the middle dantian to the upper dantian.

4. Raise both hands up, and divide the Qi of True Yuan into two arms along the inside, through the shoulder elbows, wrists, to the Lao Gong and ten fingers; When the hands are over the head and the palms are facing the sky, the true qi runs through the ten fingers, and there is a tendency to stand up to the heavens and the earth.

5. Then the true vitality returns from the ten fingers to the Lao Gong, which breathes with the heaven and earth people (the universe), exchanges energy with nature, promotes metabolism in the body, and breathes out the old and the new.

6. Spread your hands flat and drain the turbid qi of internal organs and evil spirits outside the main portals of the three talents of heaven and earth (Baihui, Yongquan, and Lao Gong). After the sick qi and turbid qi are exhausted, the whole body is relaxed, the positive qi is filled, and then loosen the whole body, and merge with the vitality with the movement.

The two-handed Lao Palace absorbs the spiritual energy of all things in nature and collects it into the body, and the true qi returns to the upper dantian from the two Lao Palace along the inside of the arms.

The hands continue to be brought together, and the True Qi travels from the head (upper dantian), chest (middle dantian), and deep into the abdomen (lower dantian).

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3. Efficacy:

1. This exercise seems simple, but its mystery is extremely deep. The main thing is to open the two veins of Ren Du and activate the True Yuan Qi in the sea of qi.

2. Strong feeling of heat in the back, abdomen, palms, fingers, and surrounding body, numbness and swelling in the palms.

3. Feet, hands, face, and lower dantian all have movement and fever.

4. In the first stage of training, the two veins of Rendu are smooth, the heaven and earth are integrated, and long-term practice can strengthen the body.

5. This exercise can make the true qi in the body sufficient in a short period of time, so that its qi, blood, yin and yang balance. (Wu Shen)