kung fu moves · 08/13/2023

Punching mistakes and corrective methods

Punching is one of the main methods of offensive techniques in loose hand fighting.

The key points of punching are: start from the fighting posture, rotate the left (right) forearm internally so that the fist is facing down, and then use the elastic force to rush forward straight arm, and quickly restore the fighting posture after the strike. Focus on the fist.

Punching technical requirements: fast, heavy, accurate, variable and a certain density, and fast and heavy is the most basic requirements of punching technology.

In the first few issues, the speed, strength, and power of punching were mainly explained. In this issue, we will point out common mistakes in loose punches and suggest ways to correct them.

Punching mistakes and corrective methods-illustration-
There are several ways to make mistakes and correct them:

(1) It cannot be quickly withdrawn after punching.

The correction method is to first clarify the essentials, and then cooperate with the opponent to practice, if it cannot be quickly recovered, the opponent can use blocking grasping, pinch and other methods to induce.

(2) Shrugging when punching.

The correction method is to ask the practitioner to perform punching movements with the shoulders relaxed in order to experience the correct movement.

(3) The power of punching is not coordinated with the power of the waist and crotch.

The correction method is to do more demonstration movements, while strengthening the practice of sandbags and hand targets.

(4) Punches cannot be started directly from the fighting stance, but have a back-pull action.

The correction method is to first clarify the weakness of the back pull movement that easily exposes the punch time in practice, and then continuously improve it through side-to-mirror exercises. (Wang Jingxiu)