kung fu moves · 06/12/2023

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves

In self-defense combat, we must do everything we can to get ourselves out of danger as soon as possible. This requires us to strike preemptively, quickly hit the enemy’s vital parts, cause severe pain in a short time, and greatly weaken or further incapacitate it.

To this end, we are required to quickly subdue the enemy’s non-lethal points and important parts by attacking them. The use of preemptive fighting moves requires us not to hesitate, not to prob, to subdue the enemy with one move, to subdue the enemy simply and violently, and crisply.

Compile a set of simple and effective self-defense fighting moves that preemptively and quickly defeat the enemy, and share them with everyone.

These moves are suitable for ordinary people to practice and use. It is simple to move, quick to start, quick to see results, and can be achieved quickly; Don’t fight high and hit the head with your feet, just raise your hands and feet to defeat the enemy.

I will introduce it to you.

1. Put your arms around your shoulders

The enemy comes forward and approaches us and attacks our head with a fist or palm; We immediately defended ourselves with our heads with both hands and dodged backwards (Figure 1-1). Seizing the opportunity, he suddenly dived down and wrapped his arms around the knee sockets of the enemy’s legs (Figures 1-2). Immediately afterwards, we kick our right foot on the ground and slam forward with our left shoulder to hit the enemy’s hip, while holding the enemy’s legs hard in our arms. In this way, the force couple formed by the misalignment of the leg and shoulder top forces will throw the enemy backwards (Fig. 1-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-
2. Shake up and kick down

The two sides stand on the right side and face each other (Figure 2-1). We pretend to hit the enemy in the head with our right fist, forcing the enemy to hold his head in defense (Figure 2-2). Taking advantage of the enemy’s attention on the defense of the upper plate, our side quickly kicked the enemy in the crotch with the right leg, severely damaging the enemy (Fig. 2-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-1
Third, hook the leg and rub the ankle

Our side stood on the right and the enemy stood on the left, facing each other (Figure 3-1). When the enemy enters our attack range, I suddenly turn to the left, hook the tip of my right foot with my hip leg, and rub the outside of the enemy’s right ankle from right back to left, frustrating the enemy’s external anckle. If the enemy’s pain is unbearable, he will lose his fighting spirit (Fig. 3-2, Fig. 3-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-2
Fourth, swing right and turn around

Both sides stand on the right side and face each other (Figure 4-1). We stepped up to the right and attacked the enemy’s head with a right swing fist, and the enemy leaned over to dodge (Figure 4-2). We turn left and back (Figure 4-3). With the help of the force of inertia of turning around, our side uses our right foot as a supporting leg, and strikes the enemy’s back or neck with the back flip fist of our left hand, causing the enemy to faint and fall to the ground and lose the ability to invade (Figure 4-4).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-3
5. Hook and kick sideways

The enemy stands on the left and our side on the right. Our left foot is stepped and kicked the enemy’s left foot with the right hook leg; The enemy dodged our hook and kick with his knee raised (Figure 5-1). Immediately afterwards, our right foot immediately lands on the ground and points the forefoot to the ground, placing our weight on the right leg while looking sideways at the enemy (Figure 5-2). Taking advantage of the enemy’s left foot falling, our side quickly raised our right leg and kicked the enemy’s chest and heart with the right leg, knocking the enemy to the ground (Figure 5-3).

6. Fork after step

With our right foot in front and the enemy on the right, suddenly I turned to the left and crossed my left foot to face the enemy, confused the enemy and thought I was fleeing (Figure 6-1). While the enemy was moving forward to pursue us, our side suddenly kicked the enemy’s crotch with his right heel, severely damaging the enemy and incapacitating him (Figure 6-2).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-4
7. Feint a solid hook

Confrontation between enemies and us. Our side suddenly stepped to the left, swung our right fist, and pretended to hit the enemy in the head with a right fist, forcing the enemy to hold his head in defense (Figure 7-1). Taking advantage of the enemy’s bending down and bowing his head, our side quickly changed its fist path, and the right fist immediately turned into a right upper hook and struck the enemy’s nose bridge violently, causing the enemy’s nose to be hit with severe pain and slack (Figure 7-2).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-5
8. Poke your throat with your knees

The enemy stands with his left leg in front. We step up to the left and pounce on the enemy’s front with our right palm, forcing the enemy to dodge backwards (Figure 8-1). Taking advantage of this opportunity, we quickly slid forward and approached, and leaned over to grab the enemy’s left knee socket with our left hand, and poke the enemy’s throat with the right palm (Figure 8-2). Then our left hand forcefully turned back and upward around the enemy’s left knee socket, and at the same time pushed the enemy’s throat forward and down with the right palm in a figure-eight palm, causing the enemy’s center of gravity to lose balance and fall to the ground (Figure 8-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-6
9. Backarm strike

We step up to the right and attack the enemy’s head with a right swing fist; The enemy ducks down and dodges (Figure 9-1). Taking advantage of inertia, we quickly turned 90 degrees to the left and flexed our elbows to collect our right arm in front of our chest (Figure 9-2). Then, taking advantage of the enemy’s head, our side twisted sharply to the right, and at the same time spread out our right arm and swung it to the right and backwards, and struck the ear root or temple on the right side of the enemy’s head with the back of our fist, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 9-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-7
10. Go forward and pry your crotch

I walked towards the enemy, who came from opposite me (Figure 10-1). At the moment of standing on the shoulder side, we quickly leaned forward, raised our right foot and suddenly pressed our knee to stir our calf, and struck the enemy’s crotch or abdomen with the outside of our right ankle, causing the enemy to be attacked by surprise and unable to react (Figure 10-2).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-8
11. Turn around and slash obliquely

We step up to the right and punch the enemy in the head with a right swing; The enemy crouched down to avoid our attack (Figure 11-1). Immediately, our side quickly turned 360 degrees to the left and back, and slashed the enemy’s neck diagonally from top to bottom with the back fist of the left hand, causing the enemy to be hit in the neck and dizzy, temporarily losing the ability to invade (Fig. 11-2, Fig. 11-3).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-9
XII. Sideways kicking the throat

I retreated to the left and turned back to the left, mistaking our side for an attempt to escape (Figure 12-1). While the enemy is stepping forward to pounce on us, we suddenly kick the enemy throat or chest or abdomen or crotch with our right leg, severely damaging the enemy (Figure 12-2).

Preemptive self-defense fighting moves-illustration-10