kung fu moves · 06/08/2023

practice method of Shaolin Iron Head skill

Iron head skill, also known as “hard head skill”, is a kind of Shaolin school hard qiskill, through the hard qiskill guidance of the head and the training of resistance to hits, so that the head can withstand the blow of greater impulse, effectively protect the head tissue, but also practice a hard iron skill, with the top force of the head to hit the enemy.

“Kung Fu Wushu Cool” has sorted out a set of training methods for iron head skill, which is divided into three parts: “Dinghai, Yizhu Xiang (Touding), and Hard Head skill”. This article will first share with you the training method of “Dinghai”.

1. Action requirements

Keep your body straight, with your feet on tiptoe forward and stride to the sides, with your feet wider than your shoulders. The upper body sinks, but still maintains the neutrality of the body. Hold your hands in your palms (both thumbs clasped in your palms) and stand your elbows flat on your chest. Then, with the help of others, a soft cloth ring is placed on the top of the head, and then a basin is placed on the soft cloth ring, and the basin is filled with water, gradually from less (Picture 1, Picture 2).

practice method of Shaolin Iron Head skill-illustration-

Second, practice luck

Intentional Dantian . Qi luck dantian, straight down the perineum. After that, he turned to the Tu vein, starting from the long strong acupoint at the end of the tail lu bone, and to the middle of the → ridge of the life gate→ the spiritual platform→ the great →vertebrae of the Shinto→ the wind galloping, the heavenly pillar→ the jade pillow→ the hundred clubs. After reaching the Hundred Meeting, the mind goes up to the Hundred Meeting, the lower guard to the Dantian, and the energy also goes up to the Hundred Meeting, and goes down to the Dantian.

When in the top sea (that is, the top water basin), the qi of the dantian is not released, and the qi is transported to the hundred clubs, so as to keep it with intention and strengthen the strength practice above the head. Then follow the Ren Vein to Renzhong→ Chengjing→ Lianquan→ Tiantu→ Yutang→ Tanzhong→ Doveo→ Zhongxuan→ Shenque → Dantian. And so on for a week.

III. Main points

When the horse strides stand, head up, neck up, neck straight, head straight, chest straight, knees slightly buckled, toes on the ground, body upright. When performing exercises, do not hold your breath, concentrate your mind, keep your dantian quietly, and have no distractions. Calm down and concentrate on channeling qi.

4. Other methods

“Sitting on the top of the sea”: sitting cross-legged with your legs crossed, your left foot on your right leg, the soles of your feet tilted upwards, and your hands on your chest. Keep your body upright, and place a soft cloth ring on your head, and then place a basin or bucket. Do the same luck as in the previous situation (Figures 3, 4).

practice method of Shaolin Iron Head skill-illustration-1