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Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves

First trick: scissor style

Areas of exercise: abdomen, quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps, shoulders

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-
Exercise essentials: Sit on the ground, grasp the ends of the fitness band with both hands, and wrap the fitness band around your left foot. Lie down with your back to the ground and your legs straight. With your hands and arms on the ground, elbows bent, lift the exercise band up, your left foot perpendicular to the ground, head up, shoulders off the ground, feel your abdomen squeeze up.

The whole process moves quickly, control the force, inhale, raise the right leg up, then exhale, lower the legs, and change the right leg.


As shown below: shoulders and head on the ground

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-1
Hold the fitness band with both hands, lift your left foot upwards to form a 30-degree angle to the ground, then inhale and lift your right leg up perpendicular to the ground. Exhale and lower your legs. Change your right leg. Do eight rounds per set of moves.

Second trick: sit sideways and twist the triceps

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-2
Exercise areas: back, quadriceps, triceps, shoulders

Exercise essentials: sit on the ground with your upper body straight, stretch your legs forward, and press your toes. Then land your left foot on the ground, step on the center of the fitness band, and turn your body to the left. Exhale, pull the strap with your left hand, lift it up, lift your left leg up, bend your left knee, your calf at a 45-degree angle to the ground, and press your left arm and shoulder back to the side.

Simple: Feet on the ground.

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As shown in the figure below, grab the calf belly of the left leg with the right hand, and lift the left leg up to form a 30-degree angle to the ground.

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-3
Further steps: Extend your right hand forward to shoulder-width apart. The hand remains horizontal throughout the movement.

The third trick: crossover

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-4
Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-5
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Action Essentials: Sit on the ground with your feet on the center of the band and bent your knees up. Grasp the end of the strap with your hands crossed and slowly lie down on the upper end of your body, keeping your knees bent. Hands on arms, feet lifted, hips off the ground, thighs close to chest, shoulders off the ground.

Then straighten your legs forward, straighten your arms back, form an X with the straps in an X shape, hold the movement for two breaths, then lower and repeat the movement for eight rounds.

Easy Pose: Keep your legs off the ground for the first five rounds.

Advanced: The final movement freezes the time of five breaths.

The fourth trick: frog style

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-6
Exercise areas: back, abdomen, shoulders, arms, buttocks

Action essentials: Bend your legs, wrap the strap around your toes, and grasp the ends of the strap with each hand. Then slowly roll over from one side and lie prone on the ground. Lift the strap with both hands, lift your legs up, and move the upper part of your body away from the ground at an angle. Hold the movement, stay for a while, then put it down, and repeat the movement for eight rounds.

Simple pose: Chest on the ground, legs on the ground without lifting.

Advanced: The feet are as far apart as possible, and the larger the angle, the more difficult the movement.

The fifth trick: starfish stretch

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-7
Exercise area: upper back, outer thighs, shoulders

Action Essentials: Sit on the ground with your feet bent on your knees, wrap the strap around your right foot, and grasp the ends of the strap with your right hand. The left hand is supported on the ground, the center of gravity of the body is placed on the left side, the feet are overlapped, and the hands are on the hips.

Then hold the strap with your right hand and lift it diagonally above your head, your left leg parallel to the ground. Repeat for four rounds, then switch directions and do four more rounds.

Easy: Keep your left leg on the ground.

Advanced: The ball of the left foot is supported on the ground, and the left leg forms an angle to the ground.

The sixth trick: the hundred loops

Pilates tummy tuck 6 moves-illustration-8
Exercise areas: abdomen, triceps, shoulders

Action essentials: Sit on the ground with your legs bent, wrap the strap around the calf of your legs, and grasp the strap with your hands crossed. Then the body slowly lies on the ground. Arms parallel to the ground, hands grasp the straps, clench into fists, lift your feet parallel to the ground, and raise your head and neck up.

Exhale and hem your arms up and down five times. Exhale and repeat the hem up and down five times with both arms. Do ten breaths (swing the arm up and down 100 times, hence the name “hundred turns”).

Simple: During the movement, the head and shoulders are attached to the ground.

Advanced: The closer the strap is to the thigh, the more difficult the movement is.

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