kung fu moves · 09/10/2023

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping

Basic exercises for Muay Thai neck wrapping:

The offense approached the top of the fierce knee.

When the technique of knee is told, it is indispensable to wrap the neck, tightly fix the opponent’s head and neck, control the opponent’s body posture, make it difficult for the opponent to punch, and then be able to force the opponent’s body and develop a gap (distance).

It can be said that the effective use of knee strikes depends on the action of wrapping the neck.

1. Wrap the neck

When grabbing the other person from the front, wrap your hands around the back of the other’s neck and grab one of your hands with the other. (When wearing gloves, hold one glove tightly with the other). Then clamp the two elbows tightly, do not let the other party’s head move, concentrate the weight on the overlapping hands, fold the other party’s head forward, clamp it tightly with the elbow, use your own elbow as the fulcrum, the other party’s head as the force point, and the other party’s head plays the role of a leverage point.

The sight of a diminutive Thai using a wrapped head to knee at a tall foreigner amazed martial arts only because the Thai player had mastered the basic principle of neck wrapping called the joint technique.

2. The front neck is wrapped up against the knees

(1) If you grab the opponent’s head from the front (Figure B1).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-

(2) Once the opposite direction recedes (Figure B2).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-1

(3) While using the opponent’s reaction force to pull forward, at the same time pushing his body to his knees (Figure B3).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-2

3. Wrap the neck from the side to the knee.

(1) The front hand in front of oneself approaches from the side of the opponent (or the front hand flat hook is approaching) (Figure C1).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-3

(2) Hold the opponent’s head from the side, and the other hand must seal the opponent’s boxing hand counteraction, and for this purpose, suppress it with the palm (Figure C2).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-4

(3) While increasing the pull on the left wrist, use the other hand to disassemble the opponent’s defensive posture, and violently hit the opponent’s exposed gap with the inside of the knee from the outside (Figure C3).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-5

4. Swing from side to side and then push your knees

(1) Grab the other person’s head (Figure D1).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-6

(2) No matter which foot takes a step towards the outside of the opponent (Figure D2).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-7

(3) (4) Quickly rotate with this foot as the axis, and use centrifugal force to destroy the opponent’s upper body posture in order to put his body in a weightless state (Figures D3, D4).

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-8

Muay Thai – The basic practice of neck wrapping-illustration-9

(5) It is necessary to jerk the knee towards the unfolded opponent’s body, looking for the moment when the center of gravity of the opponent’s body has been destroyed, and it is necessary to push a strong knee to that piece in time (Figure D).