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Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes

Muay Thai has strong striking, lethal power and outstanding practical results, Muay Thai fighters have repeatedly defeated boxers from all over the world in the world martial arts, achieved excellent results, and established their position in the world martial arts.

The reason why Muay Thai has such great influence and power, knee strike is one of its main factors, knee strike is also known as “knee strike” or “knee top”. In Thai, it is called “seeking”. The use of knee strikes in Muay Thai came second after swing kicks. This shows the role of knee strikes in Muay Thai.

The knee impact force is very large, so the blow force is strong. Knee strikes are mostly used when the two sides are entangled. The two are entangled with the smallest gap between each other, such as boxing has no suitable punching distance, not easy to exert force, leg kicks are limited by the surrounding space can not be performed, at this time with the knee attack method, the most convenient, only need to raise the leg, and the other party is difficult to prevent.

The requirements for knee strikes in Muay Thai are high, and Muay Thai fighters who are famous for their skills can complete them with high quality. As a result, Muay Thai fighters can have an advantage in fierce fights.

Knee strikes seem simple and easy to learn, but they actually involve a high level of skill and real kung fu. The strong technique of rupturing internal organs caused by a knee strike on the front of the body needs to be accumulated on a monotonous basis to obtain.

Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes-illustration-
The following is a four-issue introduction to the killer skill “knee strike”!

Basic exercises for knee strikes: The main points are:

It is necessary to rhythmically exchange left and right to lift and push out the knee, twist the upper body, and the legs that support the weight of the body must be elastic and fully rhythmically jumped.

Preparation (Figure A1);

Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes-illustration-1

Take a step forward (Figure A2);

Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes-illustration-2

Top knee (Figure A3).

Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes-illustration-3
The upper body twists in the opposite direction when the knee is up, clasps the hands, and withdraws back to the waist.

The upper body is twisted in the opposite direction (Figure A4), and both hands are pulled down diagonally down from the diagonal upward direction while pushing the knee.

Muay Thai – the basic practice of knee strikes-illustration-4

Breathe rhythmically as you breathe.