kung fu moves · 06/07/2023

Muay Thai Left straight fist defensively back

Reclining (see Figure 5-37)

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The obvious advantage of recline in Muay Thai is that it takes the entire target away from the attack without moving his feet, and can fight back at any time, keeping balance when leaning back, and moving quickly in any direction.

(1) The center of gravity of the body is shifted to the back foot.

(2) The method of avoiding the target area of jab attack is as follows:

(a) The body is leaned back with the waist as the point. (b) Knee strokes on the hind legs. (c) Counterattack in the return position with either hand.

Diving (see Figures 5-38)

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Diving in Muay Thai is when the defender avoids an attack on the head underneath while attacking the opponent’s upper body or twice countering from the body to the head. The help comes from the elasticity of the hind legs, and the head must be strictly guarded, the head should be higher than the opponent’s waist, and it must also avoid being in a dangerous position. You must always follow the training of bowing your head, you must keep your fists and gloves in front of your face, keep your eyes on the opponent’s target area.

(1) The defender leans forward with the waist as a point, bends his knees and bows his head, and avoids the jab attack.

(2) Even if the offensive punch has slipped over the defender’s head, the eyes must still be fixed on the other person.

(3) The fist sleeve must be raised to protect the upper body with both elbows.

(4) You can fight back with any hand.

Shake (see Figures 5-39)

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After mastering the dodging technique, he immediately taught dodge. Confidence, relaxation, and speed are important, but what is crucial in the shake technique is balance, with the body’s center of gravity changing as the sides move.

To dodge under a jab attack, you can do it from the inside out or the outside in. Swinging from the inside out allows defenders to avoid the opponent’s offensive line. All points about dodging and diving also apply. Because the essence of shaking is a combination of the rhythm of the movement of the two techniques of squat and slalom,

Shake from the inside out

(1) Flash into the inside of the jab, dive down, and fight back.

(2) When flashing in, the center of gravity of the body shifts to the left foot. When on the outside, the center of gravity shifts to the right foot. Shake from the outside in.

The exercise steps are as follows:

Prepare, flash outward, go around, flash up and do again.

Stride (see Figure 5-40)

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A boxer needs to develop the ability to change direction quickly. Not only does he need to move towards the opponent (left and right feet off the ground), but he also needs to be encouraged to use his feet to get away from the offensive defense while avoiding the opponent’s offensive route. The harder the attacker hits, the easier it is for the stride technique to work.

(1) The defender steps to the right and steps forward with his right foot.

(2) The opponent’s jab crosses his left shoulder.

(3) The center of gravity of the body is shifted to the right foot, and the right straight fist counterattacks.