kung fu moves · 06/07/2023

Muay Thai basic skills of jab punching

The straight punch in Muay Thai is also called the right punch, jab, lead punch, etc.

Straight fist is the simplest and most practical method in boxing. Especially the left straight fist, it can attack continuously, and can do a fist for all punches and leg techniques. Whether you are a beginner in Muay Thai or a good loose hand athlete, you must practice hard and master it, it is an indispensable skill of the basic technique of fighting.

The right straight punch is a heavy punch, which is far away and hits a large number of large blows. The right straight fist generally has few opportunities to use and can only be used when you are fully grasped. However, the right straight fist is used continuously under the cover of the left straight fist, which can disrupt the opponent’s balance, disturb the enemy’s position, confuse his vision, and create favorable attack opportunities for other leg techniques, elbow methods, and falling methods.

Simply put, straight fist is a punching method in which the route of the fist strike is straight, with up, down, left, right, front and back straight fists.

Movement: Feet left and right apart, the distance is about shoulder width, both heels slightly raised, left foot slightly forward, right foot slightly back, leg slightly bent, center of gravity between the two feet, left vanguard hand with left fist in front, right fist behind, first lure with left fist shaking, right fist then forward strike. Figure 5-1

Muay Thai basic skills of jab punching-illustration- Muay Thai basic skills of jab punching-illustration-1
Its exercises can be divided into two types: upward step punching and in-place punching. The former practice is that after the preparatory pose, the left and right hands rush forward in turn, and the body twists left and right with the punch.

Requirements: To fight the right fist, the left shoulder arm should be turned to the left, in order to transmit the power to the right fist, at the same time, to make full use of the waist and leg strength, so that the whole body movement is coordinated, and the full force is concentrated in one punch. The same goes for punching the left fist, only the opposite is true. See Figure 5-2

Muay Thai basic skills of jab punching-illustration-2