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Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack

Left straight punch is the first lesson in Muay Thai. The vanguard of all boxing tactics, so a good Muay Thai boxer is no different from a Western boxer, and having a well-honed left fist is the first condition.

The role of the left straight fist is to test and confuse the enemy, causing him to lose his balance as a prelude to a powerful attack. Although there is no decisive knockout ability, boxers who are proficient in this punch can often master the initiative, control the battle situation, attack and retreat, and use the left straight fist to make the opponent uncomfortable and confident.

A series of fast and sharp left straight punches can not only contain the opponent’s attack, but also open up the gap for one’s own continuous fierce moves, making the enemy defenseless and achieving the effect of creating the enemy. A sharp left direct strike can even break the opponent’s eyebrow corners, nose bones and other weak points, creating a technical knockdown.

The target of the left straight fist, mainly the face, including the area between the eyes, nose and mouth and nose, pectoral muscles and ribs, is also considered to be the target.

Figures 5-3 to 5-5 show the front and side views of the left straight punch technique.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-
Reserve: Left leg in front, actual combat step. (Figures 5-4)

Action description: The center of gravity of the body is shifted to the left foot, the right leg is on the ground, the heel is lifted, and the sole of the foot is on the ground. Punch forward with your left fist. [Figs. 5-5)

Important: When punching, there should be no foreshadowing movements of pulling the arms back or sinking the elbows. There should also be no arm muscle tension. While the left arm is quickly extended forward, the left shoulder is leaned forward. The upper body turns slightly to the right. When punching, do not abduct your elbow. The punch drooped to the elbow, and the fist was still retracted straight from the original route into a real combat step.

The power of the punch comes from twisting the body and left shoulder to the right, pushing the left arm to swing. The right fist is raised on the side of the tyrannogram. Arm the middle to prevent counterattacks. During the strike, the arm rotates the fist to increase the speed, and the move must be retracted immediately.

Pay attention to footwork and distance when practicing, and punches must match the forward trend of the body to boost strength. At the beginning, he practiced the left fist alone, and after becoming proficient, he could practice combo boxing.

The most basic and important combo boxing moves of Thai and Western boxing methods, called 1-2 boxing moves, is the left fist leads the way and the right straight fist follows the left and right consecutive direct punches, this group of boxing methods has the greatest effect and is widely used.

Other high-profile combination punches include:

Left lead continuous left hook strike;

Left lead coherent right up hook,

Left lead is consistent right hook strike.

We’ll cover the combination punch in more detail later.

Figure 5-6 shows the application scene of the left straight fist in actual combat. Figure 5-7 shows the left straight fist attack when the enemy’s upper defense exposes the gap.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-1

Figure 5-8 shows the enemy’s left straight fist when he sweeps his left leg.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-2
Figures 519 to 5-14 show the breakdown of the technical movements of the left straight fist attacking the head.

Figure 5-9 starts in a basic standing position, press the right foot back, slightly push the left foot to the left, turn the left shoulder about 22 degrees to the center, and strike forward with the left fist slightly upwards from the shoulder level. When the left fist is struck, the fist should be rotated inward until the fist is downward.

Immediately before the punch, the muscles of the whole body should tense, and there is a feeling of holding the fist in the shoulder, which is like a pressed spring, suddenly issuing a powerful left straight fist. A sudden elastic punch is an important feature of the left straight punch and it should not give the opponent any warning beforehand.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-3
Fig. 5-10 to Fig. 5-13 In general, do not lightly make a large rotation of the waist, and do not easily do the foot to do the force of the back pedaling action, mainly with the elastic force of the left shoulder slightly turning inward, suddenly do a straight line movement to attack the opponent’s face and upper forehead left straight fist.

When striking, the left shoulder should be sent out with the punch to increase the strength and effective distance of the strike. Practice should also be combined with leaping forward opponents, jumping away from the opponent, and punching the left punch while turning the body, and also taking into account the sudden release of the left straight punch when combined with the opponent and separated.

Speed and the right way. Very important. To perfect the technique, it is also necessary to cooperate with the movement of the balls of the feet, the rotation and the blows at all angles.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-4

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-5
Figure 5-14 The punching and closing movements should be sharp, and the muscle rebound of the punching action should be used in an instant to quickly restore the left fist to its original position. It is very important to terminate this position after the blow that punches the upper forehead after a sharp withdrawal of this action.

In order to make beginners have a more comprehensive understanding of the left straight boxing. Below we briefly introduce the technical essentials of Western boxing in the left straight boxing.

For boxers, no matter how much emphasis is placed on attacking with a straight punch with the forehand, it is definitely not too much. Regardless of size and style, punching with straight forehand punches is the way to attack, and a tall boxer standing sideways should regard jabs as the main weapon to be surprisingly successful. He should use his height to win or throw his opponent off balance. The pudgy player must stand slightly facing the opponent and attack with both hands. But the jab will be the precursor to his counterattack and the attack that follows. Although jabs are varied and loved by everyone, the basic technique is the same. Figure 5-15.

Muay Thai basic left straight punch attack-illustration-6
Action Points :

(1) Starting from the defensive position, the relaxed forehand punches from the left side while turning the shoulder by a quarter.

(2) The arm is straight, the fist is rotated to the right, and the fist is downward.

(3) Move the front foot forward, lean forward the center of gravity, and turn the body slightly inward according to the front foot.

(4) The power comes from the rotation of the rest and the push of the hind foot.

(5) The non-striker relaxes in a defensive position, and the sortie is retracted by the same way.