kung fu moves · 10/14/2023

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense

Sanda’s combined defense

Continued from the previous issue: Modern martial arts sanda 丨Lower level defense

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense-illustration-
Modern martial arts sanda offensive technology, instant technology attack and defense alternation is increasingly intensified, which requires that defensive technology should also strive for the all-round instant defense, modern martial arts sanda offensive technology is generally manifested as a chain attack of fists and feet, defensive technology should naturally also be manifested as up and down at the same time defense. As shown in Figure 6-(1)~(3), 7-a(1)~(2), 8a(1)~(2).

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense-illustration-1

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense-illustration-2

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense-illustration-3

Modern martial arts sanda combination defense-illustration-4
Technical Essentials:

(1) The body should have relative tension when defending. At the moment of collision with the opponent, the body should have a relative back lead to cushion the momentum of the opponent’s attack. The direction of the body twisting is generally the opposite direction to the opponent’s attack.

(2) Upper limb technical defense, arms should look out for each other. You can’t pull too far away, so as not to spread too much and cause the body to be unable to resist the impact of the other party. The single technical essentials of the arm are the same as before.

(3) The technical essentials of lower limb standing must pay attention to the requirements in the above defensive techniques.

Careful study of the defensive techniques of modern martial arts is of great significance to improve the integrity of the sanda technical system. The author throws bricks and jade, and is willing to encourage my colleagues. (Sun Bingkui)