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Massage the ears for good health

Massage the ears for good health-illustration-

I know an old man in his sixties who does things every day with great enthusiasm and energy like a 20-year-old. Many people have learned from him, and he said, “Actually, I don’t have any panacea, just do a set of ear-pulling exercises every morning when I get up.” ”

He passed on his ear-wrenching exercises to those who learned from him. Every day after getting up, he would put his right hand around his head and pull his left ear up 14 times; Then in turn, go around the head with your left hand and pull your right ear upwards 14 times. He told his friends that as long as he had free time throughout the day, he should prick his ears more, and the health effect was obvious.

So, don’t underestimate the ear, which is in charge of our health. There are more than 180 acupuncture points on the human ear, and if you connect the important acupuncture points on the ear with threads, it is like a fetus inverted in the mother’s womb. And on this small ear, you can find many reflex zones and reflex points corresponding to various organs of our body.

When a lesion occurs in a certain part of a person’s body, the ear will also react accordingly. For example, if it is acute inflammation, there will be a punctate or flaky red halo on the ear corresponding to the disease, accompanied by hyperemia and red papules; In patients suffering from oncological diseases, the corresponding parts will appear nodular bumps, punctate and flaky dark gray; “People with coronary heart disease, you can find an oblique crease at the earlobe, called “coronary heart disease groove”, because the earlobe is a very sensitive part of ischemia, when the coronary arteries harden, the tissue on the earlobe shrinks due to ischemia, so this crease appears. Therefore, more than 90% of people who develop this crease have or will develop coronary heart disease.

When a person is healthy, the color of the pinna is slightly yellow and rosy; If the pinna is white, your body is affected by cold; The pinna is scorched black and dry, indicating that the kidney essence is extremely deficient; Redness and swelling of the ear (not caused by otitis media or chilblains), indicating less impotence or hepatobiliary humidity; The appearance of red veins on the back of the ear is often a sign of measles.

If you notice that your ears have a strange color, not only go to the doctor, but also pull your ears in time. Don’t just make mistakes, but also when you don’t, this ear-pulling regimen will allow you to have a healthy body.

Below I will introduce you to the three most commonly used ear picking methods.

The first type: the tip of the ear

Pinch the tips of your ears with the thumb and forefinger of both hands, knead slowly until warm, and then lift up 15~20 times. The tip of the ear belongs to the internal and external genitalia, pelvis, crotch, knee, foot, ankle and other reflex areas, and pulling this part can improve the ability to respond.

Massage the ears for good health-illustration-1

The second type: ear pulling wheels

Knead with thumb and forefinger on the ear wheel until warm, and then pull outward 15~20 times. The auricle belongs to the reflex area of the cervical spine, lumbar spine, and shoulder, and often pulling the ear wheel can prevent and treat related diseases.

Massage the ears for good health-illustration-2

The third type: push ear roots

Put the middle finger in front of the ear, put the index finger behind the ear, and push from the base of the lower ear to the root of the ear, 40~50 times at a time. Not only will you feel hot at the roots of your ears, but you will also feel hot on your face and head.

The root of the ear is the reflex area of the head and face, and pushing the root of the ear has a good effect on headache, dizziness and tinnitus.

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