kung fu moves · 09/11/2023

Martial Arts – Leg Holding Technique


The opponent is the left frame, standing with both feet back and forth, the upper body is slightly leaned forward, the center of gravity is higher and falls on the front leg, and the hands are extended straight in front and up, especially the left arm.

He is on the right side, standing with his feet back and forth, his upper body leaning slightly forward, his center of gravity is high, and he falls on his front legs or on both legs, his arms are half-bent, right up and down left, close to his chest.

Martial Arts – Leg Holding Technique-illustration-

When the opponent’s left arm is extended in front of his left shoulder, his right arm is quickly upward, wrapping the opponent’s left wrist with the wrist and the outside of the palm, and pulling it to the lower left. At the same time, his left hand quickly reached out to the inside and bottom of the opponent’s left big arm, pulled the opponent’s left big arm into his left armpit, and held his forearm with his elbow. Then let go of your right hand and quickly hold the back of the other party, lean forward, lower the center of gravity, and turn to the left. Suddenly squat and let go of both hands, hold the opponent’s two calves from behind, and hold them back vigorously, while your right shoulder slams against the back of the opponent’s thigh

Martial Arts – Leg Holding Technique-illustration-1

Push the other person in front of you.

Martial Arts – Leg Holding Technique-illustration-2

1. Your left arm cannot be stretched too straight or long.

2. Swipe to your right.

3. The upper body should not lean too forward, and the center of gravity should be shifted back.

4. Your right hand should block the opponent’s left arm.


You can use the arm to drop or hook the leg in the arm.

Martial Arts – Leg Holding Technique-illustration-3


1. Wrap the arm fast and pull down.

2. Control should be strict and do not let the other party turn and slide.

3. The hands holding the calves should be lifted upwards.

4. Be strong on your shoulders.