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Low back pain,neck pain,knee pain,do it well

Joint pain is a small nuisance that everyone encounters. Office workers have neck pain, middle-aged and elderly knee pain, joint rheumatic pain, young people’s waist and leg pain…

These pains will not have to be endured anymore!

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The teacher taught everyone to solve joint pain collection:

Walk 10,000 steps a day, eat and move balanced, and be healthy for a lifetime! Collect the following joint pain relief exercises, where it hurts, practice where!

1. Office crowd
Cervical lumbar exercises

The spine is the pillar of the human body, and if this pillar is not good, it will be full of diseases – cervical spondylosis, back pain, and low back pain will come. The following three small movements protect the cervical spine:

You can practice by yourself, or you can show it to your children and colleagues!

The cervical spine is not good, hands up!

Many people put their hands on their waists and backs when they walk at night, which will reduce the value of exercise a lot. Let’s go like this:

“I hope that after I go back today, I will go out like this, it doesn’t matter if the rate of turning back is high, you tell them that I am practicing cervical spine.”

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Action demonstrationFingers should be stretched, raise both hands to the ten-ten-point position on the clock, and walk with this movement, insisting on walking two hundred steps a day. Special Commitments:

After you raise your hands tonight and insist on walking two hundred steps, tomorrow the cervical spine will be very cool. Everyone pay attention to the fact that both arms must be placed slightly back on the sides of the body, so that the effect is best, and the eyes look forward and up a little.
2. Low back pain: Don’t lie down!

Lumbar spine disease has always been a nightmare for office workers:

“Some people have low back pain and stay in bed, lying down is not good, I teach everyone a ‘one-foot back leg’ exercise method.

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Action demonstration

Grab the back of the chair with both hands, kick back with one foot, straighten the knee joint, rotate the left and right feet, repeat dozens of times, this action is best done once at night and once in the morning.

No matter what kind of low back pain, strain, slippage, muscle sprain, bulge can be effectively rehabilitated.

2. Middle-aged and elderly people
Knee pain is underpumping

At the conference site, the patella of the reporter of “Dahe Health News” softened his left knee, and he was closed several times, and it is very inconvenient to go upstairs and climb the mountain:

Do young people in their 20s have patellar malacia? This is a disease only for people over the age of 60. You give me a penalty to stand against the wall.

Knee protection by penalty standing, hit closed is not good

It is like this: stand with your back against the wall, squat with your legs down, and do a “small half-squat” training.

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Action demonstration

The reporter insisted for a minute or two, rested for 30 seconds and then “squatted”, and the reporter was significantly stronger in the knee joint when he went from squatting to standing:

“There is a problem with the knee joint, and it is not easy to make it closed. It’s like you drink tap water every day, and suddenly you drink unclean river water one day, hit the closure, dirty things go in, and you never want to clean it up again. Only exercise stimulates the production of joint fluid. ”

A bad knee is underpumping

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Action demonstration

The first pat is patted with the hand to the front of the knee, the second pat is patted on the outside of the knee joint, and the third is patted on the inside of the knee joint. Take 30 shots on each part.

“Knee joint problems, not only lack of training, but also lack of pumping!”

Why does slapping on the knee have the effect of relieving pain and strengthening the knee?

“There are not enough blood vessels in the knee joint, and frequent tapping will stimulate blood supply and joint fluid production, originally the knee is very cold, and everyone feels much better after shooting.”

According to reports, “National Zama Step” is a national fitness activity funded by the British government. In the UK, the whole people “horse walk”, whether in line or rest, men and women of all ages automatically walk horse walk.

3. Mouse hand, morning stiffness upwards

People use the flexor and extension muscles on the hands unbalanced, and often use the flexor muscles, which retracts the extensor function.

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After resting, you can put your hands flat on the table, do not move your palms, lift your fingers off the table, and repeatedly insist for 1~2 minutes, you will feel that the hand muscles are much more comfortable.

Friends who use computers for a long time, have rheumatic joint pain, and stiff finger joints in the morning can use this method to exercise hand joints and relieve pain.

4. Necrosis of the femoral head, standing “big” word

How should patients with poor hip joints and osteonecrosis of the femoral head exercise?

I teach you a trick to exercise, a younger brother in my hometown is early femoral head necrosis, and it will improve after 3 months of exercise.

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Middle-aged and elderly people pay attention to balance when doing it

The whole body, from head to toe joint pain treatment is in this article, put it away for yourself! Ten minutes a day can solve the problem of joint pain!