kung fu moves · 05/28/2023

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques

1、 Program Purpose: In the shortest possible time, learn the most useful self-defense techniques!

This column focuses on simple and practical self-defense techniques for martial arts enthusiasts in various fields and professions to learn. Its sports can be practiced both outdoors and indoors, regardless of gender or age. It can not only improve self-defense awareness, self-defense ability, adaptability and fighting skills.

It can not only enhance the comprehensive ability of self-defense and self-defense, but also cultivate a person’s wit, courage, and tenacious willpower and temperament. Its sports characteristics are fast action, strong practicality, easy to learn, easy to master, and not limited by age. Through learning, not only can we protect ourselves in emergency situations, but we can also protect those around us.

In order to help martial arts enthusiasts learn more practical and comprehensive self-defense techniques, this column will gradually introduce various self-defense techniques for everyone to learn. For example, unarmed combat, equipment unarmed combat, one move to defeat enemies, women’s self-defense skills, etc., a daily move, simple and practical, everyone can learn, and can practice at all times.


Even when you are busy, you only need to take a few minutes to master, allowing your body to gradually become stronger and develop extraordinary abilities and physique. Friends, what are you waiting for? Let’s take action together.


2、 Techniques for this episode: Practical Capture

Practical grappling is written based on the laws of human joint activity, physiological characteristics of key parts, human mechanics, transfer of body center of gravity, and general combat situations. However, in actual combat, the physical conditions of the opponent, the environment, position, technical level, strength, thoughts and emotions of both sides are different.

So when using capture or anti capture techniques, it should be determined based on the actual situation at the time. To skillfully adapt to changes and randomly adapt to situations, only by studying diligently, mastering and mastering techniques comprehensively, and being proficient in them, can we achieve the goal of drawing inferences from one instance and not being inferior to others.


3、 Technique demonstration

1. Buckle wrist grid elbow

A grabs B’s right wrist from top to bottom with his right hand. B clasps and holds A’s left hand from top to bottom, while bending and lifting the right elbow horizontally. The left foot takes a half step forward to the left, and the right hand grasps A’s right wrist in reverse, pulling inward. The upper body leans forward to the right, and the left elbow presses down on A’s right elbow (as shown in Figure 1-3).

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-

Figure 1

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-1

Figure 2

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-2

Figure 3

Key points: buckle, grip, and tighten, with strong grid pressure.

2. Step Back Wrist Fold

A grasps B’s right wrist from top to bottom on the front of his right hand. B buckles his left hand against A’s right hand, presses his thumb against the back of his hand, bends his right arm and lifts it horizontally, and takes a step back with his left foot. Grasp the right palm of the nail with the four finger clasp on the left hand, and also use the four finger clasp on the right palm of the nail with the right hand. Fold both hands forward and roll them outward (as shown in Figure 4-6).

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-3

Figure 4

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-4

Figure 5

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-5

Figure 6

Key points: Snap and grasp the palm quickly, fold and flip harmoniously.


3. Pressing the wrist and lifting the elbow

A grabs B’s right wrist from top to bottom with his right hand. B takes an upper half step forward with his left foot, bends his right elbow and droops, forms a splayed palm with his right hand, and pushes the tiger’s mouth upwards to grasp his right wrist. Push the right hand forward and upward. Push the right hand forward and press down on the right wrist of the nail, and hold the right elbow of the nail with the left hand to lift it up (as shown in Figures 7-9).

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-6

Figure 7

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-7

Figure 8

Learn the 3 most useful self-defense techniques-illustration-8

Figure 9

Key points: Strong pushing and grasping, coordinated pressing and lifting.

Note: This technique is a practical arrest technique, which should be carried out under the guidance of professionals. Do not practice blindly, and do not shoot at will. For personal practice, it is necessary to be fully familiar with the operation, requirements, and key points of the movements, and to be diligent in learning, thinking, and practicing more; After the system is mastered, it will be further refined. Here, I hope everyone can provide valuable feedback. If there are any shortcomings, please correct them.