kung fu power · 06/02/2023

Kneeling is a practical way to recuperate

In ancient times, people generally knelt and sat down to talk, or to read, eat, rest, etc., and their physical condition was also very good.

Kneeling refers to kneeling on the ground with both legs and buttocks on the feet. At this time, the spine is in a natural state, and the lumbar spine is not particularly stressed. The back muscles can work normally and maintain stability.

For many people, kneeling is a very painful thing. In fact, kneeling is a posture that has more advantages than disadvantages. Kneeling is also a form of exercise, which has many benefits for our body and waist.

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Kneeling for 30 seconds every day to prevent illness, nourish the body, and also nourish the heart. Nourishing the stomach indicates that the stomach is the largest digestive organ in the human body, capable of storing, transporting, and digesting food. Therefore, using kneeling posture in the morning and practicing abdominal breathing every day can promote the circulation of blood in the stomach, improve metabolism and enhance the digestive ability of the stomach.

Kneeling and sitting is very beneficial for treating low back pain, and can effectively treat it. Most of the reasons for low back pain are due to improper spine and poor blood circulation. As long as we kneel and sit for 30 seconds every morning, we can improve this situation.

3. Prevention and Treatment of Knee Arthritis: Kneeling and sitting upright can prevent and treat knee arthritis. The practice is to practice kneeling on the bed with both knees after waking up in the morning or before going to bed at night. When kneeling, the waist should be kept upright, the arms should be seated backwards as much as possible, and the back of the feet should be touched as much as possible.

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After dinner, take a slipper to pad your knee, kneel there, support the sofa, straighten your waist, watch TV, and your stomach will feel much better. In addition, kneeling and walking also have a “blood inducing effect”, and you can wear knee protectors to do it. The feet are far from the heart and have relatively insufficient blood supply.

When walking on your knees, it is easy for qi and blood to flow to the knees. The blood supply to the feet will also be sufficient, especially for women with cold hands and feet. It also has a certain degree of cooling effect. Of course, it is not recommended for patients with lower limb bone diseases.

5. Relieve knee pain and activate meridians. When we kneel and sit, we can massage to the Du Bi acupoint. This acupoint can effectively alleviate knee pain, lower limb paralysis, poor flexion and extension, and foot qi. It can also activate meridians, disperse cold, regulate qi and reduce swelling.

6. Tranquility and cultivation of mind and body. Kneeling can also calm the mind and cultivate the body and mind. Therefore, when feeling restless, kneeling can relieve emotions. Some friends who find it difficult to calm down can try kneeling. Kneeling correctly takes only three steps


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1. On both knees, with the calves touching the ground, the upper body straight, and the buttocks sitting on the calves and heels, the body has a dignified demeanor and does not look askance.

2. When kneeling, one should not place the weight of their entire body on their feet with their buttocks, but use the muscles of their legs to slightly support the body, leaving a paper gap between their buttocks and feet.

3. When kneeling, we should straighten our spine and feel our body slightly floating. This not only helps us develop a good kneeling posture, but also does not harm our knees.

Kneeling is a very practical health preservation method. Adhering to kneeling for 30 seconds in the morning or evening can nourish the stomach, treat low back pain, prevent and treat knee arthritis, and also cultivate one’s character and heart. Why not kneel down like this every day to prevent illness and maintain health?