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Kidney qi foot-all diseases removed

The left kidney in the human body is yang and the right kidney is yin. The left kidney is responsible for the function of the six organs, and the right kidney is responsible for the operation of the five internal organs. The kidneys play a vital role in warming, moisturizing, nourishing and stimulating the internal organs. The vitality in the kidney, also known as the essence, is the driving force of life. Kidney deficiency weakens vitality, and various diseases will follow.

Autumn kidney tonic can lay the foundation for the coming cold winter and enhance the body’s ability to resist cold, so it is a good time to replenish the kidney.

Sleep to replenish the kidneys

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Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sleeping and tonifying the kidney is the most effective, but you must know the methods and precautions to receive it. How to sleep to nourish the kidney? There are two ways: one is to return the yang sleep, the other is to mix the yuan sleep, let’s take a look together.

1. Also lie down

The body is naturally lying flat, the hips are relaxed, the legs are like a ring, the feet are facing each other, the heels are best facing the perineum (if you can top the perineum, it is best) The palms of the hands are placed near the base of the thighs, and the palms are facing the abdomen. Due to the large implantation area and less pressure, the body is easier to relax, and the relaxation of the body plus a certain posture can quickly fill up the yang and kidney qi.

Kidney Yang Qi is equivalent to the true fire of the Vital Gate – the key to the size of a life force is to see whether the Yang Qi of the Vital Gate is sufficient. Putting this posture is to be more conducive to the adequacy of kidney yang, and the effect of this formula is obvious.

2. Mixed element sleeping

The practice of raising the Yang Lying to the next level is the Mixed Yuan Sleep. The feet are facing each other, the legs are like rings, and the hands are overlapped or crossed and gently placed on the head, and the palms are facing the lily on the top of the head.

This posture can not only replenish kidney qi but also relax the head, and has a good therapeutic effect on insomnia and neurasthenia. The upper arms form a circle, which can make the kidney qi not go to the genitals, but pull to the depths of the middle umbile; The lower legs form a circle, which is conducive to the circulation of qi and blood along the legs to the body.

These two postures will tighten the liver meridian and kidney meridian, and exercise the liver meridian and kidney meridian. You might as well try it.

Moxibustion acupoint health care

After people reach middle age, their physical functions begin to decline, in order to ensure that the human body has sufficient positive qi and yang qi, thereby reducing the occurrence of various diseases and improving the quality of life. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that regular moxibustion and massage of Guan Yuan acupoint and waist eye acupoint can play a role in tonifying the kidney.

1. Guan Yuan Cave

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Location of “Guan Yuan Cave”: at the four fingers under the umbilicus. Guan Yuan Cave is located in the Ren vein of the sea of Yin veins of the human body, 3 inches below the navel, also known as the Lower Dantian, which has the effect of cultivating vitality and strengthening the body.

2. Waist eye points

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“Lumbar Eye Point” Location: The waist eye point is a foreign point in the waist, under the spinous process of the 4th lumbar vertebrae, in a depression of about 3.5 inches next to it.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rubbing the waist and eyes with the palm can not only unblock the veins and strengthen the lumbar spine, but also play a role in brightening the ears and eyes, solidifying the lean kidney and prolonging life. Middle-aged people often rub their waists and eyes, and in old age, they can keep their backs straight, and they can also prevent and treat low back pain caused by wind chill.

Other health care actions to tonify the kidney
1. Soak your feet in hot water

Action demonstration: 7~9 o’clock every night is the weakest time for kidney meridian qi and blood, and soaking feet can improve blood circulation throughout the body. It is better to soak the feet in a wooden basin, 40 degrees Celsius for foot soaking, and 15~30 minutes for each foot soak.

Benefits: Regular foot soaking can improve the body’s blood circulation and achieve the purpose of nourishing the kidneys and liver.

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2. Walk with your heelsAction demonstration: take as big a step as possible, hit the ground first with your heels, and be careful not to bend your knees when walking. In addition, when the leg steps forward, the toes should be straight, as if you are playing a ball. When the front foot is on the ground, the back foot should be tiptoe. Having time each day can turn a casual walk into a stride exercise.

Efficacy: The walking method of landing first with the heel actually stimulates the acupuncture points of the kidney meridian, which can effectively prevent osteoporosis.

3. Take a deep breath

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Action demonstration: choose an environment with fresh air, try to inhale through the nose, and keep your breathing soft, slow, even, and deep. Take each deep breath in groups of 6 times, then you can calm down the adjustment and then do it again.

Efficacy: Deep breathing can replace the air in the lungs, and after each deep breath, it can promote the discharge of exhaust gas in the body, the inhalation of fresh air, and the mind is clearer.

4. Hold it firmly

Action demonstration: clasp the thumb in the palm of the hand, the fingertip is located at the base of the ring finger, and then flex the remaining four fingers, with a little force, the whole movement feels as if you are holding a baby, and the strength control is appropriate. You can practice when you have nothing to do in your daily life, such as walking, riding in the car, being in a daze, chatting and watching TV.

Efficacy: Holding this action can put the spirit in the body.

5. Pick up your heels

Action demonstration: when lifting the heel, grasp the ground with five toes, put the legs together, and at the same time lift the anus and tumble, the shoulders should sink downward, stand up and stand up the ridge, and the hundred will collar; When you turn down, relax your body, gently grit your teeth, you can first slowly fall halfway, and then gently shake the ground.

Efficacy: The heel lift can pull the bladder meridian and kidney meridian of the lower back and legs, and gently shake the ground to massage the internal organs.

6. Mo Kidney Yu

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Action demonstration: Legs together, sit on the edge of the bed, rub the palms of each other until you feel the palm of your hand is hot, then press both hands on the back and waist, massage the kidney Yu points of the lower back up and down until you feel the heat. It is best to do it once a day in the morning and evening, about 200 times each.

Efficacy: This action has the effect of tonifying the kidneys and absorbing qi.