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Kick before kicking in taekwondo leg method

Taekwondo means taekwondo, so nearly 90% of the movements in taekwondo are based on kicks, which is an important feature that distinguishes other martial arts. Many kicks are extremely destructive and can easily kick thick planks up to a height of 2 meters. The practice of kicking mainly relies on kicking large sandbags suspended with various leg methods, and gradually improving the strength and height of the kick over time.

Front kick

Bend and raise the leg to be kicked, raise the knee to the chest, and after the position of the foot is in line with the target, use the elastic force to kick from the knee, see (Figure 165 – front) and (Figure 166 – side). You can also bend your toes back and kick the opponent with the soles of your feet.

Kick before kicking in taekwondo leg method-illustration-

Kick upside down

Stand sideways with your body facing each other, and then kick with both feet to the left or right. This kick can be done with a heel or a knife. When kicking with the heel, the toes should be turned outward (Fig. 167), while when using the footknife, the toes should be buckled inward.

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Swing kick

Swing kick is divided into forward swing kick and backward swing kick two, whether forward or backward swing kick, the foot needs to be in a half-moon shape swing, but the direction is opposite, forward swing kick is generally with the instep of the foot to hit the opponent. See (Figures 168, 169, 170), a backward swing kick is to kick the opponent with the heel. According to this essential, you can also kick with the side of the foot or the sole of the foot.

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Half moon kick

This kick is a combination of front kick and swing kick, but the body should be facing forward, without turning and bending like a swing kick.

Back kick

The body twists slightly in the direction of the back kick and then kicks out backwards (Figure 171)

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Grab and kick

Grab any part of the opponent before kicking.

Roundhouse kick

Rotate the body first before kicking, similar to the whirlwind legs of Chinese martial arts, but does not require the body to be in the air.

Jump kick

First make the body jump into the air, and then complete the kick attack method in the air, which is divided into flying front kicks (Fig. 172, 173, 174), flying side kicks and flying swing kicks, and you can also use flying front kicks to hit particularly high targets.

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Two-stage kick

That is, after taking off and jumping, two consecutive kicks are completed in the air, which is equivalent to China’s two kicks.

At the same time, the second stage kick

This is a difficult technique that requires jumping into the air and hitting two different targets with both kicks at the same time, which can also be divided into two types: front kick and side kick (Figure 175).

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