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jujitsu – Wrestling falls are prone to injury

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It is inevitable to fall when falling, and the average person often stretches his hands in the direction of the fall when falling, which often causes serious injuries to the arms and wrists, which is very dangerous.

The principle of the fall method in Jiu-Jitsu is to slam one arm or leg on the ground in the split second before the body touches the ground. Extend your arms outward as you pat your hands on the ground.

If the time is appropriate, the hand seems to touch the ground at the same time as the body.

If the timing of the shot is appropriate and the posture of the arm is correct, it can not only prevent falls, but also reduce the vibration of the body, or make the body feel no vibration at all.

At the beginning, practice on a soft mat and become familiar with one method before practicing the second method.

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First, the sit-down method: this is the basis of other methods. The body is crouched, the jaw is retracted, the hands are placed in front of the knees, the arms are extended, and then the body falls backwards, and both arms slam the ground at the same time before the shoulders touch the ground.

Note that the arms should be straight, at an angle of about 45° to the body, and touch the ground from the fingertips to the shoulders, not the ground with both hands alone. Then support your legs, return to the first position, and repeat.

Practice for a few minutes, then gradually straighten your legs to increase the height at which you fall.

Second, the one-arm fall method: the body is upright, the left foot is lifted, the right foot is single, the body is squatted, as if to sit on the ground, so that the arms are as close to the ground as possible, and then the body falls backwards, the same as the first method.

When the body falls to the left, extend your right arm straight or bend your elbow slightly to the right, ready to slap the ground. In the moment when the body will touch the ground, the right arm slams the ground, and in the same way as the first method, the entire right arm must touch the ground.

When starting to practice the above two methods, the arms often do not slap the ground in time, either too early or too late, and sometimes even forget to pat.

Even more dangerous is to put the arms behind you, and some of them are too light to counteract the force of the fall.

Elbow bending and not being able to maintain the proper angle of the arm with the body is also one of the most common mistakes.

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Third, hand and foot simultaneous slap method: lying on the ground, the right hand is lifted up, and slightly stretched to the left, suitable for the body, because this can exert strong strength, at the same time lift the left foot, knee bend, and then the left foot and right hand at the same time pat the ground, the body slightly twisted to the right, the left hand lifted, slightly stretched to the left, placed on the body; The right foot is also lifted at the same time, opposite to the upper arm, and the ground is also slapped on the ground, and the right arm and left foot are lifted again, repeatedly.

Pay attention to the hands and feet must touch the ground at the same time, without succession; It must be slapped vigorously and the arms must be extended straight at a 45° angle to the body.

Fourth, the side tumbling method: Although this falling method is very similar to the tumbling movement, it is actually very different.

In tumbling, the back touches the ground, while in Jiu-Jitsu, the back does not touch the ground.

Stand upright, feet together, body bent forward, right hand on the ground, left forearm and left hand on the ground, direction facing right hand.

Bend your head slightly to the right, and support your feet hard to make your body roll forward while twisting to the right slightly; This way, when the body falls, the outside of the right leg hits the ground first.

The left foot must be slammed hard towards the ground at the same time, and the right arm must slam the ground at the same time. Once we are familiar with it, we can roll over and stand up immediately.

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Fifth, the fall method: Do not try this method easily until you are familiar with the action of slapping your arms on the ground.

Stand upright, lean on your feet, bend your legs at the same time, squat down (squat low when you first learn this exercise), then fall backwards, and when your body loses balance, jump up with both feet so that your back falls straight down.

When the body is about to fall, stretch out your arms straight and lift forward, ready to slap the ground.

The moment your back touches the ground, your arms immediately slap down hard, about 12 inches away from your body.

After getting acquainted, gradually increase the height of the body fall.

Sixth, the downhill method: run a few steps forward, jump up and forward at the same time, straighten the body, and fall flat to the ground. Raise both hands to your ears at the same time, ready to slap the ground, when the body touches the ground, raise your head upwards, do not let your face touch the ground, and bend your arms.

Place your hands appropriately next to your ears and raise your elbows upwards on the same plane as your body. When the body falls, do not let the elbow hit the ground first.

Before starting to practice this method, it is best to lie on the ground and practice the movement of clapping both hands. People who are new to this method do not need to jump up, as long as they stand up and fall forward. After getting acquainted, gradually increase the height of the jump.

After familiarizing yourself with the above art of falling, it is very helpful for wrestling and can avoid the risk of falling injuries.

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