kung fu moves · 11/02/2023

Judo – the use of self-sacrificing techniques

The use of self-sacrifice techniques and the mistakes that are easy to make

Judo – the use of self-sacrificing techniques-illustration-
Judo self-sacrificing technique is also called spin throwing, and its movements are very similar to the “rabbit kicking” in Chinese martial arts. Here’s how to use it:

The attacking team pulls the defending side forward (preferably when the opponent pushes forward) while sliding the left foot between the opponent’s feet, sinking their hips, bending their right leg and placing their right foot on the opponent’s lower abdomen, using this as a fulcrum (Figure 1). At the same time, sit and lie down with your upper body facing back (Picture 2), keep moving, grasp the horizontal collar or upper sleeve with both hands, and push your right leg straight at this time, and throw the opponent out of the top (Picture 3).

Judo – the use of self-sacrificing techniques-illustration-1
Here are three mistakes that can be easily made when using this method:

1. The opportunity to pull in with both hands and sink the waist is not suitable (Figure 4).

2. The waist position is inserted too deep between the opponent’s legs, (Picture 5).

3. The waist position is too far away from the opponent’s lower abdomen, so that the hands cannot exert strength (Picture 6).

Judo – the use of self-sacrificing techniques-illustration-2