kung fu moves · 09/07/2023

Judo – The basic posture and grouping method of wrestling

Basic posture (natural body)

The most suitable posture in judo’s offensive and defensive technique is the natural standing (hereinafter referred to as natural body) posture, that is, the natural standing where all parts of the body are relaxed, which is the basic posture of judo, which is stable and easy to change. It can be divided into natural body, right natural body, left natural body.


Natural Stance:

The distance between the two feet is about one foot apart, the weight falls evenly on the two feet, slightly bent the knees to maintain elasticity, the back is straightened to concentrate the strength in the lower abdomen (Qi Shen Dantian), shut up, look ahead, and stand naturally.

Right Nature and Left Nature :

The natural body starts, the right foot steps forward one foot, and the weight falls evenly on both feet for the right natural body; Conversely, taking a step forward with the left foot is called a left natural body (Figure 1).

Judo – The basic posture and grouping method of wrestling-illustration-
Methods of groups:

Judo is an offensive and defensive practice organized by two people as opponents, and the grouping method should not be fixed, and the most effective organization should be carried out according to the opponent’s posture, body size, technique, etc.

Stand opposite each other in nature. One side grabs the opponent’s sleeve, the other grabs the opponent’s shirt. This is the basic grouping method, as well as the right natural body grouping, that is, standing relative to the right natural body, grabbing the opponent’s right outer middle sleeve with the left hand and the opponent’s left front placket with the right hand. Conversely, it is called the left natural body grouping (Figure 2).

Judo – The basic posture and grouping method of wrestling-illustration-1
Points to note in the guidance:

(1) When holding the judo suit, do not hold the wrist and shoulder hard, but relax and hold it with a small force, so that the attack and defense can be used instantaneously when necessary.

(2) Don’t just stare at the opponent’s footsteps, but look at the opponent’s chest to understand the opponent’s overall movement.

(3) If the skills have improved, other suitable combination methods can be used. However, in order to learn the correct wrestling technique, you should start by mastering the basic combination methods. (Compiled by Wang Qianpei and proofread by Li Shixin)