kung fu moves · 09/28/2023

Judo-Sumiraku technique training method


Judo-Sumiraku technique training method-illustration-
The right hand grasps the opponent’s left middle sleeve, and the left hand grasps the opponent’s right front collar. Push each other back with both hands, and then pull back hard. When the opponent is on the left foot, the right foot steps up the outside of the opponent’s left foot, destroying the opponent’s center of gravity. Then, let go of the opponent’s right front collar with the left hand, grab the opponent’s right hand and put it on the opponent’s right chest, and push back hard. At the same time, grab the opponent’s left arm with your right hand, lower your center of gravity to support it with your right foot, and push the opponent behind it with all your body. (Refer to Figure 11)

Judo-Sumiraku technique training method-illustration-1
(1) From destroying the center of gravity to the posture composition stage, pay attention to the balance of the handle and the push hand to maintain a stable posture.
(2) According to the posture composed of posture, the attacker decides the position of his step.
(3) Due to the different physiques of the defenders, the positions of the attacker’s feet should also be adjusted accordingly.

2. Skill-making opportunities

(1) When the defender takes the initiative to step up or is forced to step up, the attacker quickly moves his footwork to its rear to make a move.
(2) Kneel to prevent the opponent from throwing skills, borrow the opponent’s technique move, and use the drop movement to fall the other party.

3. Practice method

Practice method: Practice according to the essentials of floating. When practicing, in addition to paying attention to pushing and falling behind the opponent’s foot, you should also practice technical movements related to floating.