kung fu moves · 09/29/2023

Judo-Floating Technique Training Method

Judo floats

Judo-Floating Technique Training Method-illustration-

The attacker’s right hand grasps the opponent’s left middle sleeve, and the left hand grasps the opponent’s right front collar. Step up with the right foot, make the opponent’s left foot retreat, take advantage of the opponent’s left foot retreat and the center of gravity is unstable, pull back with both hands, at the same time step up with the left foot between the opponent’s feet, step with the right foot to the right back, kneel on the right knee, jerk the opponent’s upper body at the same time, twist and fall down with both hands.

Judo-Floating Technique Training Method-illustration-1
1. Focus

(1) According to the physique of the defender, decide the distance to keep from him.

(2) Try to make the defender focus on the upper step.

(3) When kneeling, it should be placed diagonally behind the other foot. (Refer to Figure 9)

(4) When standing up, it is generally slightly self-protecting body to face the defender. (Refer to Figure 10)

Judo-Floating Technique Training Method-illustration-2

2. Skill-making opportunities

(1) When the attacker makes the defender step up or the defender takes the initiative to step up.

(2) When the attacker forces the defender to move all his center of gravity to one foot or the defender shifts his center of gravity to the other foot on this basis.

The center of gravity should be moved to the side, diagonally rear, diagonally forward, oblique forward.

3. Practice method

(1) For basic exercises, kneeling on one knee should be the mainstay, and the 3-step movement in the projection should be practiced.

(2) When practicing the fight, select the opponent in many aspects, and practice (1) and the standing technique. Then, in a few steps or free movement, experience the coherent movement essentials of destroying the center of gravity, posing composition, and maneuvering in an instant.

(3) When taking random exercises, actively practice basic techniques and standing techniques in the face of many opponents. In addition, it is necessary to practice the communication skills such as knee car, small outer cut, and corner fall, and the change technique of defending the opponent’s small inner cut, large inner cut, and inner strand.

(4) When defending, move the center of gravity in the opposite direction of the attacker’s force. At the same time, destroy the center of gravity of the attacking side and carry out a counterattack. When counterattacking, you can use actions such as large outer cutting, small inner cutting, small outer cutting, inner strand, and corner falling. (Compiled by Seizo Kawamura and Cui Qiang)