kung fu moves · 08/20/2023

Judo – Difficult to master batou technique

Judo’s batou technique is difficult to master, but it is an important means of defeating opponents, and if used well, it can directly achieve “one victory” or “vazari” (half a point).

When is Batou technology more effective?

Generally, when the opposing athlete exerts force in his direction, there is often a large forward potential energy. At this time, I should firmly control his arms, my body should quickly fall to the ground in a ball, my own abdomen facing the abdomen of the opponent’s athlete, because my arms have been controlled, I will inevitably fall down, I can quickly curl my legs, press his lower abdomen or the base of his thighs, and the opponent will lose self-control and fall to the ground.

Judo – Difficult to master batou technique-illustration-
To adopt Batou technology, three technical points must be mastered:

First, it must be taken quickly and decisively when its center of gravity is shifted forward and there is a large forward potential energy, so that the other party cannot see its own attempt.

Second, the fall should be a ball instantly, such as falling straight to the ground can not win at all, but creates conditions for the opposing athlete to attack. The opponent will immediately perform a solid attack on me.

Third, it is ideal to kick the base of the other party’s thighs with both legs, which can achieve better technical results, and it is not easy to make the other party fall to the ground when pedaling on other parts.

The practice of Batou technique can be carried out by a single athlete or both athletes, and the two sides can practice in pairs as much as possible when conditions permit, which can quickly improve the technical level and tactical awareness.