kung fu moves · 10/09/2023

Judo-Body Fall Technique Training Method

Judo body drop technique training

Judo-Body Fall Technique Training Method-illustration-
Judo body landing is a technique used in any direction using the opponent’s body with the center of gravity on the left foot within a range of 180 degrees from the front to the rear.

After the hand-to-hand, grab the opponent’s left middle sleeve with the right hand and grab the opponent’s right front collar with the left hand. Step forward with the left foot of the opponent, turn the right body and the left crotch close to the opponent’s abdomen, raise the right front collar with the left hand, jerk down with the right hand, trip the left leg from the outside to the opponent’s left calf, use the right hand to pull down, the left hand up, the left elbow up, twist the waist, shake the head and turn (180 degrees) to fall the opponent. (Refer to Figure 1)

Judo-Body Fall Technique Training Method-illustration-1
1. Key points

(1) According to the length and weight of the defender, the attacker decides the position of its own supporting feet.

(2) Due to the different physiques of the defenders, the direction of the attacker’s pull should also be different.

(3) Destroy the center of gravity, and the direction of falling is the direction that connects the two feet of the defender in a straight line.

(4) Within a range of 180 degrees, left and right can be used in any direction.

(5) When the left move, the attacker’s left hand changes from midway to pressing.

2. Skill-making opportunities

(1) When the attacker pushes or pulls the defensive direction directly in front or left (right) in front, the defensive direction is left (right) after stepping up.

(2) After the attacker pushes and pulls the defender to the left (right) side or the left (right) of the defensive direction. The attacker’s support foot position is half a step larger than the defender’s left (right) foot position. (Refer to Figure 2)

Judo-Body Fall Technique Training Method-illustration-2

(3) When the defender’s left (right) leg retreats or the attacker forces the defender’s left (right) foot to retreat, the attacker’s support foot is located in a position of a large step to the defender’s left (right) side. (Refer to Figure 3)

Judo-Body Fall Technique Training Method-illustration-3
3. Practice method

(1) In the basic exercise, while experiencing your own body falling action, choose the opponent in many aspects, and practice the different directions of the handle and the position of the supporting foot.

(2) When practicing in the fight, the opponent selected in many aspects is practiced within 180 degrees of the same side. Then, as the defender moves freely, he repeats the correct technique.

(3) When taking exercises indiscriminately, bring the experience in basic practice and the necessary practice into the practice, and actively carry out the practice of how to move no matter what kind of opponent you encounter. In addition, practice the change of contact skills such as large inner cut, small inner cut, and carrying drop, as well as dodging the opponent’s foot sweep and inner strand.

(4) When defending, in addition to pushing and blocking the opponent’s hands in the opposite direction, you can also use methods such as quickly moving the center of gravity in the direction of the opponent’s supporting foot and dodging over the opponent’s technical foot. (Compiled by Seizo Kawamura and Cui Qiang)