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Judo – 6 opportunities to take the initiative to attack

Offensive and defensive in one

Judo offensive and defensive integration, also known as “unity” or “offense and defense”, is that there is defense in offense, and offense in defense. Like an inchworm, it wants to stretch first, and it wants to bend first. Defense can immediately change into offense, and offense can immediately change into defense, and the two are both opposites and unified.

If you only attack but do not defend, there will be a gap on the side, and this gap is taken advantage of by the other side is a failure. If you only defend but do not attack, the other side will have the opportunity to gain first, and your own side will have no chance of winning, so we must attack and defend and defend in defense.

Attacking and defending together is the key to victory.

Judo – 6 opportunities to take the initiative to attack-illustration-

Generally speaking, heartbreak is to use technical attacks to prepare mentally and technically for the opponent’s counterattack.

In actual combat, even if you think that you have given an adequate blow to your opponent, but the opponent may immediately counterattack due to insufficient skill, or another opponent strikes in some unpredictable way, it is in this situation that you maintain a high degree of vigilance and mentally and technically prepare for an immediate counterattack.

There is also a saying that the broken heart is the heart to persevere to the end and use all their strength, just like the lion fighting rabbit and fighting tiger have exhausted all their strength, leaving no effort, otherwise it is easy to create a gap that the opponent can take advantage of. If you look at it from the point of preventing the opponent from counterattacking, the two statements are still the same.

Judo – 6 opportunities to take the initiative to attack-illustration-1
Opportunity to use skills

The decisive victory or defeat is all determined by whether or not to seize the initiative, and to seize the initiative, we must take advantage of the weakness of the opponent’s collapse, and the so-called collapse is not only in terms of physical strength, but also in the mental and psychological aspects. The following occasions are good opportunities to use skills:

(1) Avoid the solid points in the opponent’s preparation posture and take advantage of the unprepared places.

(2) Take advantage of the opportunity when the opponent will use the skill but not use the skill or the skill has been used but not completed.

(3) When you see that the opponent is uncertain, seize the opportunity, do not hesitate, and defeat the enemy in one go.

(4) When you see that your opponent is sluggish, take advantage of it quickly.

(5) If the opponent is impatient, I will control it with composure.

(6) The opponent fails to use skills and is physically and mentally uneven, and takes advantage of it when it is unstable.

The opportunity to use the above points should always be in mind.