kung fu moves · 09/14/2023

Judo – 3 steps to fall your opponent

There are various techniques in judo, but any kind of wrestling technique goes through three steps: crashing, fighting, and hanging.

01 “Crash”

It is a state in which the opponent’s posture is skewed and unstable in a certain direction when standing in a natural position, and our side is easy to attack with skill. “Collapse” has eight directions, called “Bafang Collapse”.

Judo – 3 steps to fall your opponent-illustration-
[Figure 1] Similar to the orientation classification of “four positive and four corners” in Chinese martial arts theory.

02 “Made”

That is, after making the opponent’s posture in a state of “collapse”, move your original posture position to the position that is most conducive to falling down the opponent’s skills. Therefore, from the standpoint of “doing”, the state of “collapse” can also be called “mobilizing the opponent”, and moving one’s posture position to the position that is most conducive to falling down the opponent with skills can also be called “mobilizing oneself”.

03″hang” means that after completing the “work”, use a specific “skill” in order to fall down the opponent. “Collapse”, “doing”, and “hanging” are separated only to illustrate the principle, in fact, when falling the opponent, these three steps are completed in an instant, without interruption, otherwise the opponent will have the opportunity to defend and counterattack. Both sides of the judo competition try to use the steps of collapse, making and hanging to fall down each other, and in the process of the two sides collapsing and reversing, making and reaction, hanging and reversing, and changing shapes,-for-tat, it will naturally produce the mutual transformation of rigidity and softness, strength and weakness, and which side can skillfully use this transformation to achieve victory with softness and rigidity.