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Jeet Kune Do’s leg method Front kick

From the movement track of kicking, the leg techniques of Jeet Kune Do can be roughly divided into: straight forward, back, left and right kicking (side kick, straight kick, back kick, spin kick), downward upward kicking (front kick), upward downward kicking (side kick, stamp kick for shinbone and knee joint), outward inward kicking (hook kick, inside joint kick), inward outward kicking (reverse hook kick, outward swing kick, sweep kick). Due to space limitations, this book does not provide an introduction to the internal combination kick, external swing kick, and sweep kick.

1、 Anterior kick

Forward kick is a type of hitting technique that involves lifting the knee vertically and using the quick flick of the calf to kick forward. It is often used to increase explosive force by quickly lifting the knee and turning the hip forward. The main kicking parts are the tibia, crotch, and jaw.

[Action Method]

Stand on the right stake. Move the left foot forward to the position of the front foot, and use the counterforce of the right foot to quickly lift the knee vertically with the knee as the axis. Quickly bounce and kick forward and upwards, reaching the back of the foot. Use your right hand to swing downward with a kick, while keeping your left hand protected. Look ahead. (Figures 2-42 (1) (2) (3))

Jeet Kune Do’s leg method Front kick-illustration-



Experience leading with feet and driving with knees. After kicking, the knee joint should be higher than the target.

[Practical demonstration]

There is a confrontation between the enemy and ourselves. When the other person’s attention is distracted, I quickly approach and kick them in the crotch. (Figures 2-43 (1) (2))

Jeet Kune Do’s leg method Front kick-illustration-1