kung fu moves · 05/30/2023

Jeet Kune Do’s leg kick back

The back kick and side kick movements are similar, but in the opposite direction. It is mainly used to kick and hit enemies from the rear, often intercepting. Both left and right legs can be kicked. The main kicking areas are the knee joint, waist and abdomen, and chest.

[Action Method]

Stand on the right stake. Move the right foot back to the left foot position, bend and lift the left leg, relax the left ankle, and align the outer edge of the foot with the attacking target; At the same time, quickly twist the waist and hip, straighten the knee and kick towards the target, reaching the full foot strength; Support the heel of the foot backwards and lean forward to maintain balance. (Figure 2-54 ① ② ③)

Jeet Kune Do’s leg kick back-illustration-


When turning, take the lead with your head, follow the trend to lift your legs, twist your waist and hips, push and release your strength, and achieve elastic recovery.

[Practical demonstration]

Both sides stand back and forth. When the opponent was preparing to launch an attack from behind me, I quickly turned around and kicked the opponent’s waist and abdomen. (Figure 2-55 ① ② ③)

Jeet Kune Do’s leg kick back-illustration-1